Monday, September 3, 2012

July / August

Preston helping daddy mow the lawn. He loved it!!!  

Nick plays on his works softball team. It's so fun watching him play. The last 2 games I decided to be the "team mom" and I brought homemade cookies. They seemed to like it. Softball season is so much fun, I love it and I can't wait until next spring! :-)

I love the website - cute girls hairstyles - and I always try to do a few different ones on Ashleigh. Sometimes they turn out great, but most of the time...not so much. 

Bridget, Avery and Finley came over to play and so I did all of the girls' hair the same way. So so so cute!!

And then I tried a french twist on she did NOT like it at all. Her face here says it all. hahaha

One Friday I saw a post on FB from my mom-in-law that her mom in Spokane wasn't doing well so I got this hair-brained idea to load up the kids and head to Spokane. We haven't been there in 5 years, so it was definitely time for us to go back to visit. Momma Call and Aunt Toni arrived in Spokane on Sunday evening, but we decided to wait until Monday morning to leave. The drive was ideal! The kids were perfect! They never argued or complained or whined. 
We stopped in The Dalles for breakfast and to get more gas in the car. 
We passed by the "toilet paper tree's" and the kids were excited to hear that this was the 1/2 way point. 

A trip to Spokane is never complete with out a stop at the "chocolate factory" (Country Mercantile). The kids got some really big ice cream cones, we sampled some really yummy peaches and watermelon, got some chips and salsa and of course, some fudge. Mmmm

And then 2 hours later we were finally in Spokane! Yippee!!!!  

We headed to Great Grandma/Grandpa Kunz' house first thing. It was such a good day seeing everyone again and them seeing my kids for the first time in 5 years!! 
Grandpa Kunz and Preston

Ashleigh climbed right up on to grandma Kunz' bed and they chatted and bonded. It was so cute to see. 
We were lucky enough to be able to stay at Aunt Diane's house. Her house is so beautiful and warm and inviting and the entire basement was for us. It was perfect and we loved being there! 
The next day, more bonding. :-) 

The sisters all came over to help sort thru their things as this house is being sold and they are moving at the end of September to Aunt Lori's house...this is bitter sweet for us all since their current house has been in the family for ever and is actually where Nick and I were married nearly 12 years ago! 
Gr-Grandma Kunz and Gma Call

That evening we headed over to Aunt Ami's house for an amazing dinner! A.m.a.z.i.n.g!!! 

Momma Call and Aunt Toni

Cousin Jessie showed us her costume from when she was little. Hahha she's so funny. that costume was so stinking small!!! 

Aunt Ami has 2 "hair dogs" so we thought Preston's allergies would be fine, but nope, his allergies started acting up about an hour after we got there. We had already given him 3 different kinds of allergy meds and they weren't helping at all, so Preston and I left early and Ashleigh came home with Grandma Call and Aunt Toni. 

 We were sent home with some great things that were found while cleaning out their house
An old Game Boy and a couple of games *score*

Ash just loved this little Japanese hat

We took home a few painting, this one included. We'll probably change the mat around the picture, but otherwise we love it. 
The trip was too quick, but we are so glad we went. Thank goodness Spokane is only 5 hours away. 

 On a whim, the kids and I did a few science projects. The egg in a bottle didn't work too well...the opening was too small. Lame. 

but the cup/water/cardboard thing worked really well! Fill a glass to the top with water, put a piece of cardboard over the opening. Hold it on and flip glass over and then remove the hand  that is holding the cardboard in place and've defied gravity, or something like that. lol. 
 We also did another one where you get a glass bottle and a quarter and put them both in cold water. Then take them out, and put the quarter over the bottle opening. Warm up your hands and put them around the base of the bottle. Watch patiently and you'll see the quarter jump..a lot! So fun! 

We went up to Larch Mountain to shoot our guns (so fun!) and I had to take some pictures of the view on our way down. Pretty, huh? 

 I took the kids to this really neat park near the Vancouver Mall. Kind of a lame playground, but there is a big forest area with trails going all through out. We walked through the whole thing and along the way Preston got a stick and started poking it in to all the holes that he found (a lot!) in the hopes that he would catch a snake. Haha. Thankfully we never saw one. 

I got some cute pictures of my kiddos though. I love and adore them SO much!!!!!

My little smarty, figured out how to make his toy helicopter in to a rescue helicopter. 

I went with my bosses to the downtown restaurant to hear some live music. It was loud and exciting and so much fun. I love my little work family. They are awesome!!! 

 Ashleigh went to play at Bridget's so I took Preston to see some trains in downtown Vancouver. We were totally lucky and got there right when a train was coming. The engineer waved to Preston, which totally made his day. We were so close to the train. It was fun fun fun!

On August 26 we went to the kids' back to school night at their new school so I did Ashleigh's hair all curly. Pretty, huh? :-) 

One of my dinner's that I get at work. Macadamia nut crusted halibut, garlic mash potatoes, veggies and coconut butter. Oh my YUMMY!!!  I saved 1/2 for Nick which was really really really hard to do! Lol. 

  August 30 is the 11th anniversary of our son Christian's birth/death. We went to visit the cemetery and brought balloons and flowers. I can't believe it's been 11 years. Time sure flies by, it's incredible! 

My 3 kids

Happy August to you all. I'm so glad it's now September...only 3 more weeks until Fall! :-) Ahhh cooler weather at last! :-)