Saturday, December 17, 2011


Tamsen said that she was sending me a present--random, out of the blue--and that when she saw it she just knew she had to get it for me/us. She wouldn't tell me what it was though so I was super excited and anxious waiting for it to arrive.
Well, this picture arrived and literally took my breath away with it's beauty. What made it even more special is seeing my son's name and birth date printed on it as well. The lady who drew this is incredible and I am filled with love and appreciation for it.
I love this print. I'm now searching for the perfect frame for it so I can hang it in my house. I love it. This is exactly how I like to think of my son...snuggled up and surrounded with love in Jesus' arms.
Thank you, Tamsen!
I love you!

Ashleigh through the years

Ashleigh got her school pictures back finally. We keep all the prior years pictures in the picture frame and just put the new one on top. It's a great way to keep them all together and also reminisce and see how much they've change from one year to the next. These are the pictures in Ashleigh's frame so far.
Top: age 3, age 5, age 6
Bottom: age 7, and age 8
I can't believe how much she's changed, and yet, she looks exactly the same. Amazing. Love her so much!!

Christmas Tree

Hair fun

Oh I just love experimenting on Ashleigh's hair. She doesn't enjoy it much so we only leave it in long enough to take a picture, but it sure is fun for me to have a daughter to play beauty salon with. :-)

Call Family Theater

I invited the Mooney girls over to watch a movie with my kids. Finley wanted to stay, but she needed a nap so she left with Emily after a few minutes. We rented Monte Carlo. I got a whole bunch of snacks that are sure to make any kid sick, and we set up the living room with pillows, blankets, and darkened the whole room--no lights on and the curtains were closed. It was very movie theater like. Everything started out good...the kids watched and ate and watched and ate. Then about 40 min in to the movie I realized that Preston was gone, then Avery left, and soon after Bridget and Ashleigh left too.  I was there all by myself...hmm. I waited about 5 min and I heard them upstairs playing. So I turned the movie off. Preston and Avery decided to play computer games and Bridget and Ashleigh decided to play "girl stuff" in her room. Oh well.  It was fun while it lasted. :-) Maybe we'll try it again in another 6 months or so. :-)

Monday, December 5, 2011


It's been 1 year since Nick lost 35 lbs!!! I've got to give him some props. He worked his butt off for about 3 months, lost 35 lbs, and has kept it off for the last year. He is amazing!!! I needed to put these pictures up for him as a reminder of how far he's come! I'm SO proud of him!!!
Love you babe, you look AMAZING!!!



Happy Birthday, Nicholas

For years and years, Nick has said that he'd love to go see either Mannheim Steamrollers, or the Trans-Siberian Orchestra. We've never been able to go for 1 reason or another so when I heard that the Trans-Siberian Orchestra was going to be in Portland the day before Nick's birthday, I just knew I had to do everything I could to make sure we could go!

Originally I wanted it to be a surprise, but I'm never able to keep a secret when I'm really excited so I let Nick guess...and he guessed right.

With a bunch of help, I was able to secure a (non-family member) babysitter and then I bought the tickets! Yay! We got really good seats, for the price I paid and it was so fun to just be out alone together.

We drove to the Max station at PIR and left the car there, then we rode Max down to the Rose Quarter Arena.

In our seats waiting for the show to start. We were sitting next to some really friendly people which made it a lot better. I think the couple sitting next to me were on a first's just the vibe I got.

The view from our seats. We were really far back, but we were right in front of the stage and we really had a great view!

There were lasers and lots of lights and effects and an amazing Christmas program. It was really entertaining. I'm amazed by all the talent! Nick and I both loved it so much!!!

Nick was surprised when we got home to see a bunch of signs all over the house that the kids made and put up for daddy for his birthday! :-) What wonderful kids we have!

It was a great anniversary/birthday and we had a great time! I'm so grateful for these random date nights that we get. :-)

Thanksgiving 2011

We did Thanksgiving by ourselves this year, and while we missed our families, we really enjoyed having this holiday alone with our own little family. It was so laid back and there was no pressure to have dinner done at a certain time. Being the cook, I especially loved that!

The day started (for me) with a 3 mile walk/jog. Then I prepped the Turkey and got it in the oven. After I basted it the first time I left the turkey in Nick's capable hands so I could shower and then I headed to Winco for a few more last minute items before they closed.

When I woke up I was craving a piece of Pistachio I got a mix at Winco. I had a teeny tiny piece and then threw the rest away. Lol.

Ashleigh was the biggest helper! I couldn't have done this dinner with out her help. She was right by my side fixing this, and putting together that, and always asking what else she can do. It was awesome!!!

After a while the kids decided to go swimming in their bathtub. They're so funny!

Finally, the turkey was done. I finished up the gravy, mashed potatoes, rolls, etc while I let the turkey rest. And then it was time to EAT!
We don't have an actual dining room so we set up the table in the living room. It was perfect and cozy for our little family. :-)

Nick got this electric knife from his parents a number of years ago, but I don't think we've ever used it because we've always gone to our families houses for the holidays. He was so excited to use it today! :-)

Mmm, the turkey was SO juicy and tender and the skin (Nick said) was really crispy...perfect!
We went around the table and said what we are thankful for and said a prayer full of thanks to our God in Heaven for all of our blessings.

It was a wonderful and perfect Thanksgiving!!! :-)