Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Random pictures--and MANY posts ahead! Woah

I have been a Robert Downey Jr fan since I saw him as a teenager in the movie Chaplin. I don't remember that movie much, but the next movie I saw him in was Heart and Souls and I was hooked...I think, aside from his drug use/abuse, he is a great actor and I love his movies--here are a few of my favorite--
Chances Are, Only You, Air American, US Marshals, Shaggy Dog, Chaplin and of course, Heart and Souls.
I rented Iron Man on my way home from work early this morning and I am going to watch it tonight. I am hoping that this one will be up there with his other great movies that I love. If anyone has seen it, I would love to hear your review!

I don't think I ever wrote about our temple trip 2 weeks ago...??? Nick, his parents, my parents and I all went on a temple-triple-date together. We did about an hour of sealings and then went to Applebee's for dinner. Quinn was so sweet to babysit for us and then she and my kids came and joined us for dinner. The food was good--once it actually made it to our table--minus Nick's raw steak and my mom's cold pizza. Preston was SO tired so part of the time I was trying to rock him to sleep. (The hazards of having the kids on a bedtime schedule and keeping them up past it) I didn't see a lot of how bad the servers were that night, but I had a good time with everyone none-the-less. Preston was especially attached to my dad that night and was SO sad when they left to go home! This is such a sad/cute/sweet picture! Poor baby! :-)

I took my nephew Braeden to his soccer game last Saturday. It was so fun watching him and cheering him on. He's got a pretty tough coach, and they lost, but Braeden seemed to enjoy himself and didn't get upset at all that they didn't win. I treated him to Wendy's for lunch afterwards. I love bonding with him. (he is #5, his coach is on the right of Braeden)

We've had this Leap pad learning thing for a few years..we've lost most of the disk things that go in it to make it work with the books so Ashleigh now uses it as if it's a laptop computer. While we were out running errands yesterday she had to use her "computer" to get directions to where we were going, to check her email, to do her blogging, and to play on Webkins. It was hilarious!

I bought a "new" cereal the other day--it was on sale and I've never had it before. It is Cookie Crisp. Preston LOVES it and asks for it at least 3 times a day! here he is eating it on the floor...he kept putting it in the back of his little train and then taking it out, putting it back in the bowl and then finally eating it. he's a funny kid.

Preston NEVER seems to stop/sit down/hold still. But occasionally it seems like he hits the pause button in his brain and he'll stop whatever he's doing and come and cuddle with us. I LOVE it...I always wish these cuddle times would last longer.

No, my son is not gay...although he sure looks like it here! He has Ashleigh's Dora sunglasses on his head and he's looking at a picture of Jesus.

I love my kids!!!

I have a LOT of other posts i've just done...sorry it's a lot! Be sure to click on the thing at the bottom of the page to see older posts in case 1 or 2 of them have made it to the 2nd page already! Enjoy!

Fun with Grandma Ballard

My mom was nice enough to come and watch the kids for us the other day. They went to play at a park/playground. I don't know many details, but from the pictures it looks like they have a lot of fun!
This telephone thing is one of Ashleigh's favorite playground things.

Preston looks like he's about 8 months old here...not 2!

Then they went to feed the ducks... I am actually surprised that Preston didn't throw himself in to the pond. He LOVES water!!!

Holy MOO

I went with my sister Tamsen to see the boutiques at the Holy Moo here in Pleasant Grove last week. I have never been to it before, but I loved it! There is very little there that I would buy (However I did find GREAT ties for nick for $5 each! and one for Preston for $8-which he WONT wear!) most of the things there are for the craft guru person--which I am NOT. We saw all the crafts, petted a Bishon frise dog for sale, lusted after a couple of items, let the kids play at the playground outside, visited--had good sister time, and....

Tamsen told me that they have AMAZING cinnamon rolls, so I was looking forward to that. I bought my ties and decided to buy 3 cinnamon rolls (there were 6 of us!) Their reputation is safe...they were SO good!!! We had a raspberry roll, orange roll, and cinnamon twist. YUM!!!

They are having another Holy Moo in November (With lots of holiday items). I'll for sure go back! Tamsen and I already have a date for it...hopefully with less kids! ;-) ok, maybe just no Preston next time!

It's Potty time

Preston is just barely 2 years old, but I have always heard how hard it is to potty train boys and that most are around 3 before it happens. So, I decided to start early. Preston HATES sitting on the big toilet--even with a kid seat on it, so I bought a little potty for him to try out. He LOVED it! I let him run around naked for an hour. He never pee'd on the toilet, but he did pee on Ashleigh's bed at the first second that I had my full concentration focused elsewhere. oh-well, it's a start. :) Isn't he cute sitting there?

Look Mom, it comes out!
And it's portable...he took it everywhere with him. Please excuse the no pants....
I hope to have him fully trained BEFORE he turns 3...we'll see! :)

Dinner at the Calls

I am on a new schedule at work so I don't have to sleep the whole day away so on Sunday we got to go to Mom and Dad Call's house for dinner. It was SOOO yummy!!! It's been so long since we ate there last that I forgot how good Juli cooks!

After dinner the kids went outside to play with Randy
Ashleigh loved the Binoculars and Preston got a little too close to that edge to keep me comfortable, but he never fell off, so pfew.

Then Quinn took them to play at the little park/playground by their house. That was a pleasant surprise and the kids has SO much fun with her! They even found a praying mantis on the driveway--which Ashleigh and I both "petted".

I LOVE the view from their house so I took a couple of pictures. It's SO pretty here! I really love Utah...

Pizza lovers

Until yesterday Preston would only eat the toppings off the pizza whenever we would buy some and we'd be left with crust and sauce. Yesterday, however, Preston actually ate his first entire piece of pizza. It was actually really funny to watch--why do kids always turn things upside down to eat them?

(Sorry Nick...bad picture....)

Messy face boy! ha ha

Oh--and Preston is the only kid I know who LOVES the apple peels--when I cut up apples for him he will usually eat the peel off first of ALL the apple pieces before finishing the apples insides.

Neighborhood kids

That house on the right side of this picture is almost directly across the street from us. They have teenagers and their kids ALWAYS have other friends over and they ALWAYS skateboard in the road on that ramp thing that they made themselves.

We don't live on a busy road, and their skateboarding doesn't usually get in the way of our coming and going out of our house, so I don't mind them out there, except that none of them are Mormon (Obvious to spot here in Utah) and they swear more often than I would like--especially since Ashleigh is outside playing CONSTANTLY.
*Sigh* I am glad thought that we finally live in a place where Ash can go and play and there are a lot of other kids around to play with.

Thankfully--the big kids usually keep their distance from the little kids.

Cousins at play

We were able to have Kevin and Jana's kids over the other night to play while their parents went out to dinner to celebrate their birthdays. We had SO much fun with the kids. They were so good, and everyone got along really well.

Preston and Cooper--good buds!

Sheridan playing basketball--he is GREAT at sports! It's amazing to see!

Some kids stayed out side to play and the others came in to watch a movie...seriously, Preston NEVER sits to watch TV/movies.

I think this is the first time I have made dinner for 6 kids! It was a simple meal, but the kids loved it. Teriesa and Ashleigh kept coming back for 2nds and 3rds and 4ths...and then comparing how big their bellies were getting. They were so funny.

Then Kev and Jana came back and we got to visit for a bit. Amelia woke up and was SO happy at first--she was giving me the biggest smiles I have ever seen! It was an instant heart tug. I just love her so much!!
But then the kids came in to see her and I think she got overwhelmed...as you can see. She was NOT happy at all! So sad.
Ash wanted to hold her, but almost immediately Amelia started crying...oh-well, maybe next time. :)

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Good-bye to Summer

I love the fall! I love the winter. There is something special that happens to me when the weather changes. I feel happier, rejuvenated, loved... I feel more like there is a purpose for my life. I feel like my eyes are open. Like I can see things more clearly. It's like an old friend...welcome friend!!!
The only reason why I don't officially hate summer is because I know that when summer comes, my favorite seasons are soon to follow!

A couple of days ago, I went out and bought the first of our Halloween decorations and I put some of them up already...

and then I went on a hunt for all my old favorite soup recipes. I LOVE eating soup when it's cold outside. I found my Tuscan white Bean soup and garlic recipe thanks to Giada, and my sister Emily's amazing Butternut Squash soup, and her Lentil Soup recipe, and my favorite home made tomato soup recipe. Now I just need to find my mom's Chicken and home made noodle soup recipe and I'll be pretty set for a while.

Yesterday my dad brought over his home made apple pie--YUM!!! Ashleigh and I succeeded in eating more than 1/2 in 24 hours. (There is only 1 serving left)

I also found and bought my favorite "ice cream". I know, ice cream in the winter? Yup, I am just that weird!

I also seem to find an amazing amount of joy in baking during the fall/winter months! I LOVE it!
Ashleigh and I always find fun recipes to make...and eat....
Yesterday we used the cookie cutter she got from when she got her hair cut and made some Sugar Dough cookies. (Make a pie dough recipe, roll it out, use the cookie cutters, sprinkle the top with cinnamon and sugar and bake--yum)