Monday, February 6, 2012

Family visits, and other things.

My mom and dad, and Kevin's family came to Vancouver to visit and to be here for Bridget's baptism. It was a great visit and it was nice to be able to attend Bridget's baptism. She looked nervous, but gorgeous and very mature. 

Nick invited everyone to come and tour OMS. The adults had been there before, but at that time Sheridan, who is 12 (?) now, was just a baby and couldn't go in to the shop. It was cool to see the kids faces. Thanks, honey!

Baptism day! Doesn't she looks beautiful? The dress was given to her by her cousin Maura who also wore it at her own baptism back in July.

Grandma spent a lot of time playing games with the grand kids and they absolutely loved all the attention. It was so wonderful to see!

Preston and buds/cousins. One of the things I miss most about Utah is Cooper. I'm so glad that Preston has such an amazing cousin and I know they will be life long friends! I do, however, wish I could kidnap Cooper and keep him as my own.

Every year mom and dad host a Cousins Christmas Party. My kids and Emily's couldn't be there so when mom and dad were in town they had a belated Christmas party at our house. The kids all had so much fun and mom/dad said the kids all were very well behaved...thankfully! :-)

Mom and dad also take each of their grand kids out to lunch/dinner around their birth dates each year. It's a great time to give that specific grand child 1 on 1 time. The kids all love it. They made sure to take out each of the 5 grand children while they were in town. They took Preston to McDonalds (what a surprise. lol) and They took Ashleigh to Beaches Restaurant. Yum!

Mom and dad spend a couple of days at the ocean and when they got back they stayed a couple more days at our house. The kids loved having them with us and made them play lots of games. We also visited and just enjoyed our time together. It definitely went by too quickly!  We miss you!!!

It's taken about 9 months, but finally Bridget felt comfortable enough to have a sleepover at our house with Ashleigh. Yay! The girls had fun fun fun and we were so happy to have her over. When I got home from work the next day this is what I found...(kind of hard to see...) Ash and Bridget laying in front of the fire watching a tv show. they were chatting and giggling. it was so cute! I adore Bridget so much and I'm seriously going to miss her when her family moves to Bellevue in June. It's hard separating best-friend-cousins! :-(

Vancouver actually got some snow!!! It lasted about a day and a half, but it was so pretty! I have always loved the snow! I just stood outside in the dark and watched it come down. It was so peaceful and lovely.

We can't buy a dog, so we bought a toy! A little remote controlled toy helicopter. So far Nick is the only one who can fly it well. The kids and I continually either ram it in to the ceiling or in to the floor. Nick can make it sort of hover near you...makes me feel like there's a dragonfly close by. It's a fun little toy.

For some reason I couldn't figure out how to move these pictures to their correct location with in this post so you get to see them at the end....they were supposed to go with the other pictures of my family's visit to WA. ok? ok.