Thursday, March 31, 2011

Happy Birthday, Daddy!!!

We went to my parents house on Saturday (March 26) to have a little birthday celebration for my dad. His birthday is on the 27th, but we went over a day earlier. It was a lot of fun--my siblings and their kids (minus Emily) all came too! We visited and had some YUMMY apple pie and ice cream (or milk). My mom and I took a LOT of pictures...enjoy!

Jana and Amelia

Ryan and Sheridan ganging up on Kev, giving him a good tickling. Just like old times. :-)

We all looked thru a couple of photo albums of us from 1979-1984. It's good to go back down memory lane. We were amazed to see how much some of the nieces/nephew's look just like their parents!!!

Eating some apple pie! Yum!!!

Cute couple! Kev N Jana :-)

My gorgeous sister! :-)

Me, playing with Kevin's new phone! And no, I didn't do my hair that day. :-(
We took a few family pictures....

Grandpa opening his cards and gifts

In the midst of all the fun, I found out from one of the kids that Preston (age 4) hit his cousin Sheridan (age 10?) over the head with a big wooden spoon and BROKE it!!! Oh man, I was outraged! Poor Sheridan was in the basement laying on the floor holding his forehead...He had a nice nugget forming. We got Sheridan some ice and Jana tended to him while I went to punish Preston. He took his punishment better than I thought he would and after a (long) while and a few apologies, I finally let him play with the other kids again and he was pretty good the rest of the night. Sheridan was as good as new shortly thereafter.

Ryan was especially playful, and gave each of the kids a chance to get tickled, do tricks, and playing. They loved it!!!

Ryan spun a few of the kids on the floor in the kitchen...they looked like propellers. I was worried they would hurt themselves on the cabinets or stove, but all the kids walked away with no injuries! whew. :-)

Then Ryan spun me around...not as fun as I remember as a kid...I got TOO dizzy!! lol...

Cousins....they sure love each other!!! I hate breaking these two apart!!!

Cousins: Ashleigh (8), Maura (7), Cooper (5), Preston (4)
Tage (5), and Amelia (2)

Kevin, Mom and Amelia enjoying the show...

Ryan also set up a back-scratch train like we did when we were kids...I was always in the back and then my sibling would decide they were tired and not turn the other way so my back never got's a fun family joke now. It sucked being the youngest sometimes. lol.

L-R: Ryan, Ashleigh, Maura, Teriesa, Tamsen

Later, we went down to see the mostly finished playhouse that my parents built (with the help of most of their grand kids). It looks so cool and so much fun!! I love it! The grand kids are going to have so much fun playing in it....
The first side you see when you come downstairs...

The front of the house.

When we were living in Walla Walla (until 1985?) my dad built a little play house for us outside in the back of our's address was 615 1/2 University Street. They did the same thing for this house...4017 1/2. :-) Such a fun idea! And brought back a lot of good memories.

The cousins playing inside...

A different side view:

Another view from the front door:

And at the back of the playhouse they set up a little stage area for the kids to put on plays

This chalkboard has been around as long as I can remember. I love that they set it up for the grands to use too!

This area will be stocked with dress up clothes for the kids too.

Maura picking apples :-)

They also set up a swing for the kids with a mattress underneath to keep them safe since the flooring is still concrete.

Then, after Ryan and Kevin (and their families) left, My mom, Dad, Tamsen and I sat and visited while the kids all watched a movie and played. We always have great conversations..there's never a lull. After a while, Preston was getting tired and came right down to cuddle with Tamsen. He loves her so much and asks me every couple of days if he can go over to her house to play. I love that they have a good bond.

But again, the reason we were celebrate my dad's birthday!

My dad is such a great guy. He's so kind and generous. When I was growing up, I don't remember my dad saying much, but when he did, you listened! His words always have so much meaning behind them and they are definitely important if he's going to say it. I've always felt like I was a daddy's girl and loved all the special times we shared together--daddy-daughter dates, father-daughter talks, outings, meals together, etc. He's always been such a great example to me and he has always made me feel important and loved, no matter what. I've always felt lucky that he is my dad and now I feel so lucky that he is my kids' grandpa!!!

Happy birthday, dad!! I love you SO much!!!