Sunday, November 30, 2008

Jump On It

I took the kids to Jump On It again the other day while nick went up to spend the day elsewhere. They had so much fun-as usual. Preston has a permanent runny nose--it's been that way for almost a month, so it was definitely annoying having to stop him every few minutes to wipe his nose. ha ha.

Preston thought it would be fun to flash everyone.

Ash is tired! It's hard work jumping on a trampoline for an hour

The kids lusting after the candy in the vending machine

I did let them ride the merry-go-round though which they loved!


Girls day out and the BIG game

I have been slacking off lately-I completely forgot to blog out my girls day out a couple weekends ago. My sisters Tamsen and Jana and I got together and went to see Twilight. I was not impressed with the movie. There were a few parts that I loved, but the rest left a lot to be desired. I was really disappointed....oh-well.
After the movie we went to get Thai food. My favorite! I didn't pay close attention to the menu and ordered what I thought I had gotten last time but it was TOTALLY wrong! i was so disappointed. I am not the type of person to send it back--especially when it was MY mistake so I picked at it. yuk.

My sweet sisters offered some of their food to me. (Thank You!)

Aren't they cute!?!

Jana brought Amelia along on our girls day out. She was SUCH a great baby during the movie and so sweet and calm during our lunch. Every time I looked at her she would smile. Melted my heart!
Our outing wasn't nearly long enough, but I had fun. I love spending time with my sisters! They are so much fun!

Later that day we all got together at my brother's house to watch the GREAT BYU vs Utes game. It was a great game...Utes WON! :)

We brought our TV to my brothers house to watch the game in style!

Kevin, Tamsen, and Todd

Me and Nick wearing the Utes RED

And Ash wore the Utes santa least until we got there and then was persuaded by her cousins to root for BYU. ;-)
Oh, did I mention that the Utes won? :)

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Birthday date with Nick

I took Nick out last night for a surprise birthday date. We went to the Sky Box in Salt Lake (thanks Quinn for the recommendation). Its like a sports bar and grill. The food was a little spendy, but SO yummy!

Nick started the night off with some wings...

And then he decided to try the Monster Burger. The server joked around with Nick a lot that it wasn't too big so we really didn't know what to expect....this thing is HUGE!!!
HOLY COW...that's a huge burger! Nick ate less than half but said it was SO good!

I went out of my normal comfort zone and actually ordered a steak. It has blue cheese on top....YUM! YUM YUM YUM

When we were at dinner I told Nick the rest of our plans for the evening. He was so surprised and excited when i told him we were going to a Jazz game! :)

Although, he wasn't too happy that I kept taking his picture. ha ha

This is the view from our seats. We were in the top section...not great seats, but it was still fun.


Had to get a pic of the Jazz skin dancers.

And the mascot too.

And a pic of the stats of nick's favorite jazz player of all time--John Stockton.

This couple was in front of us. I've never seen a girls so excited about a Jazz game. They stood up and cheered after every 3 point shot and then high-fived each other and then she would always say something to him--we never could figure out what she was saying. They cracked us up. It was fun watching them.

I got a shot of Nick watching the game. I am sure he would have liked to have been more free to get up and cheer and get in to the game more, but being with me, he was so sweet and had his arm around me or held my hand pretty much constantly. I loved it! :)

Free throw shot

At the end of the game, doesn't he look happy?

And another 1 of us before we left for home. I had such a great time...glad Nick did too! :)

We also got a free poster and cup, and then bought Nick a new Jazz T-shirt. He looks great in it! :)

The final score of the game was 120 to 94 It was a great game!
Thank so much to Juli and Randy for watching the kids for us! We REALLY appreciate it!

Friday, November 28, 2008

Happy Birthday my love

Today is Nicks 30th birthday.
He's been dreading this day since he turned 25.

This is Nick when he was only about 2 1/2 months old. Isn't he cute!?!
Nick was born in Spokane at Sacred Heart Medical Center 10:28am weighing in at only 7lb 11 oz and was 21 1/2" long

There are SO many things I love about Nick...where to begin???
Nick has had a love of cars from very early on. One of my favorite stories Juli tells is when Nick "disappeared" and she found him in a field behind their apartments on his way to the store to get more matchbox cars. He was not even 2 years old yet!!!
He loves all sports...especially basketball and was able to go to the John Stockton school of basketball when he was a teenager. I used to love going to watch him play church ball. He doesn't get to play nearly as much as he would like to anymore, but I know he loves it whenever he is able.
One of my favorite things about Nick is his love of music! He started playing the cello in 4th grade and is still so amazing at it! I LOVE hearing him play. I would rather listen to him play than almost anything else! Or see him "air play" his instruments here
Perfect for the holiday season!
He is one of the most "handy" men I have ever met. He can tackle almost any job that needs to be done and is able to get it done quickly!
Nick adores me-See blog below....he really does! :) He does little special things for me each and every day and I always know that he loves me...I never doubt it!
Nick is an amazing dad. He loves playing with his kids. He is one of the first to compliment Ashleigh on doing a great job on her homework, or telling her she looks pretty for the day. He is always willing to play basketball with Preston or wrestle with him.

I absolutely LOVE his sense of humor. He is hilarious and sarcastic as heck!
He is able to make anyone feel comfortable and happy to be around him!

And then there are so many other personal and little things that he does that makes him the man I love that are for me-only-to know. I just love this man so much!!!

Happy 30th Birthday Nicholas, I love you!!!