Sunday, January 31, 2010

New baby! :-)

Aubree and Michael welcomed their first baby last night.
(Michael is Nick's cousin)

Landon Michael Lowe
born at 10:10pm on January 30, 2010
8 lbs 4 oz and 22 1/2 " long!

Landon had a tough time being born and needed to go to the NICU for a while. Mommy and baby are doing great otherwise! We wish them much happiness and a quick recovery!!! Can't wait to meet that cute little guy! :)

We love you!!!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

precious moments

We all took a nap this afternoon (minus Ashleigh), but I got a cute picture of Preston and Ashleigh cuddling on the couch. I LOVE my kids SO much!!!

While Charlie was here we went sight seeing and I didn't really want to bring the kids with us, so thankfully, my mom and dad were free and able to watch my kiddos for the afternoon. They had so much fun! They played pool with grandpa, did some craft projects, played with their cousin Maura, helped make dinner, pretended to be a doctor, and played outside. I am so grateful for family who is able and willing to spend time with my kids. :)

Visit from a friend....

My senior year of high school I met a girl who was an exchange student from England. She and I quickly became friends. We fell out of touch towards the end of the school year for whatever reason, but thanks to a wonderful thing called Facebook, we reconnected a while back and soon she was planning a trip to come to the states to see all her old high school friends. I, obviously, don't live in Vancouver any more, so I asked if she could come to Utah...not really expecting she would. But, she made a special trip to come see me!!! :) It was a wonderful reunion and we picked up again as though no time had passed at all! I feel so happy and privileged that she came out of her way to see me! We had a great time together--although yesterday was a very exhausting day--lots of sights to see, driving, walking, etc... Fun, but tiring! ;-) (She lives in Ireland now)

Me and Charlie

Out to lunch at the Mall

Charlie taking pictures at Temple Square

Me on the moon at the Planetarium

Charlie on the moon! :)

The crab Charlie bought at the planetarium! SO cute!

We went to the Skybox for dinner! YUM!

Charlie had a lot of gifts to's all her loot!
(Plus cheesecake for us...yum!)

Charlie made a play-doh pig. The kids LOVED playing with (bugging) her. Lol.

Before I took her to the airport we went to lunch at TGI Fridays
Charlie commented on how big American portions are! They really are!!! No wonder American's are fat!!!

Charlie enjoying her milk shake.
All in all, relaxed, visited, hung out together, went to the mall to shop, saw Temple Square, the conference center, the planetarium, the Gateway Mall, and other random places here and lots of eating out! FUN FUN

I didn't take nearly as many photos as I had hoped, but Charlie took a bunch that she'll send me, so most likely I'll do another post of the pictures she sends me. :)

I had a great time with my friend and can't wait to see her again in about 5 years!! 12 years between visits is just TOO long!


It's waxing time!!!

Quinny came over to wax my eyebrows and we "kidnapped" Nick and forced him to let Quinn wax his uni-brow area too! :) He's such a good sport.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Photo shoot

Preston is obsessed lately with having me taking a picture or video of him and then being able to see it, so the other day I did a little mini photo shoot of both kids and let them pick their poses, etc. They both crack me up! :) Enjoy :)

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Ashleigh did REALLY good this quarter at school so as a reward she got to go to breakfast at IHOP with Nick. IHOP is Ashleigh's favorite place to eat, and she loves spending time with her daddy, so it was a perfect date for her. She is seriously such a great kid! So polite. So obedient. So loving. So kind. She deserves so much more than we give her, but it's nice to give her our time and attention as much as we can. I love that little girl so much!!!

Preston is starting to get a little shy when he "performs" in front of people, but I was able to get a few videos of him doing some of his songs.... He did his version of the 3 little pigs, the ABC's (instead of saying the letter Q, he says's hilarious!), and the Grumpy Old Troll (From the cartoon Dora).

We got to go to my niece (Maura)'s dance recital last night. It was SO cute!!! It was a well put together performance of many levels of dance. We had so much fun! :-) And isn't she SO cute?!?!

My dad, me, Nick, and Preston

Ashleigh and cousin Braeden

Ashleigh and cousin Teriesa

The Dance girl, Maura! :-)

Some of the cousins
Preston, Sheridan, Ethan, Ashleigh, Maura, Teriesa, and Braeden

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Ya know, I decided I don't want my blog to be private! It's too much work to contact everyone on my list to see if they want to be added, and it's annoying to have to change everything that's worked so well for me for the last 3 years! So, for now, I am keeping it open! Enjoy!!! :)
Preston invited his cousin Cooper over the other day to play trains with him. These boys are only 9 months apart in age, but Cooper seems so much more "mature" if that's possible for an almost 4 year old. ;-) They both LOVE (thomas) trains so much and they enjoy playing together so it's a good match when they are together. I didn't get any pictures of them playing with their trains, but here they are having a yogurt snack (no that soda is not theirs, it's an empty can from when Nick drank it) and that bell between them is for taking orders....they pretended that customers rang the bell and then they would take their order and get the food for the customer. It was hilarious and so cute! Preston was VERY sad when it was time to take Cooper home, but we'll definitely have him over again...and SOON! :) Love those little boys!

I have very fond memories of helping my dad drive as a kid. There's a picture my mom has of me, about Ashleigh's age, helping my dad drive on a family trip. These are precious memories to me and I want my kids to have similar ones. We've let Ash drive on our laps now for about a year or so, but it wasn't until recently when we started letting Preston help drive too. Usually it's just from our neighborhood entrance to our house, but on New Years Eve, Nick let Preston drive to Gma and Gpa Call's house (1.9 miles away). Oh man, Preston just LOVED it! It was cute to see and I hope it's something both kids remember for a very long time! :)