Friday, February 27, 2009

It's Albuterol time

Preston had to do Albuterol tonight. I guess he was really tired cause he fell asleep in the middle of it. He didn't wake up until I went over and turned it off. Ha ha...he's so funny!


Walgreens has an offer going where if you transfer a prescription from anywhere else to them they will give you a $25 gift card when you fill that Rx! Well, Preston was prescribed some meds at his last doctor visit and sent the Rx to the clinics pharmacy to be filled. I called Walgreens and asked them to transfer his Rx to their store. I went to pick it up...paid $7.65 for the Rx and got my $25 gift card. Pretty good deal, huh? This offer is good until April 1, 2009!
Then, I realized that I had $18 in register rewards (RR) that was going to expire in 2 I had to go shopping! :-)

I bought 2 packages of diapers--buying 2 I got $2 off instantly

2 Pedialyte....I had coupons...and with the kids being sick I needed to replenish our supply

2 L'Oreal hair the Easy Saver book for February you get $5 off when you buy 2, and I used 2 $2 coupons

3 Excedrin (20ct)...on sale for $1.99, I had a $1 off coupon for each making them $0.99. And each one printed off a $1 RR (this means I made $0.01 on each one)

6 candy bars....on sale Buy 1 Get 1 free (B1G1) and I had 3 B1G1 coupons...which made my 6 candy bars FREE!

And finally-1 A&D Diaper rash ointment....I had a $1 off coupon...and Preston really needed it!

My subtotal before coupons, etc was $70.99
BUT, I had coupons, my $18 RR, and my $25 gift card that I used...
My OOP (out of pocket/actually paid) was only $3.36
I saved $67.63
95% savings!

$3.36 for all this! Pretty good, eh?
And all because I transferred one little prescription!
Ha Ha Ha

Preston going potty?

Nope....he's just pretending. He sits on it...pulls on his penis and then runs around for a few minutes.'s a start, right?

Thursday, February 26, 2009


I took this last week, but forgot to post it....

This is the essence of "Ashleigh style"
She LOVES dresses
She LOVES to have her hair in a side ponytail
She loves wearing her "heel-boots" and her new sweater that her great aunt sent her

What a funny kid---she would have fit in great in the 1980's. :)
We sure love her!

Health Question???

At work tonight, one of my co-workers (Becky) told me that she is starting to get a sore throat. Having a sore throat is my LEAST favorite illness to have...I would much rather have the flu! Anyway, she told me that her mom used to be an Ear, Nose and Throat nurse and in their house the home remedy for a sore throat was to buy Hydrogen Peroxide, put a few drops in one of your ears--let it bubble and tickle in there for as long as you can stand it-up to 10 min..then do the other ear. If you do it at the first onset of a sore throat it will either make the sore throat go away, or else make it much less painful and it will go away quicker. She is going to do it tonight and I am going to check up on her on Friday and see how it went....Has anyone else done this before? Any thoughts?


The day that my back started hurting (the left side) on the spot where it hurt and all along the left side around to my belly button on that side started itching...and since then, my stomach-just on the left side- is completely numb. It's that same feeling your cheek gets when you get a shot from the dentist to numb know that feeling? It's really irritating me and it's confusing me since I have never had a numb stomach before. When I asked 2 people at work separately, they both said I have a pinched nerve and that's why my stomach is numb...once that nerve is "unpinched" it will be back to normal. Has anyone ever heard of that? Does that sound right? I am going to ask the physical therapist on Friday when they start work on my back. Very confusing.....

Thanks for your help and opinions! Oh, and the Wal-mart doctor said I have a strained muscle in my mention of a pinched nerve. When I told him that my stomach is numb he didn't seem to care and went on to ask his own questions! What a quack!

The rest of the family???
Nick was feeling crappy for 1 day...he is all better now.
Ashleigh threw up 2 nights in a row--never during the day, but like always, her little illness has turned in to a cold and she has her cough back--so we're nebulizing her with Albuterol 5-6x/day. She was up playing around today so I'm sure she'll be back to normal by Friday.
Preston threw up those 2 nights also--again, never during the day, but he is fine! No left over illnesses and nothing new seems to be coming on.

I am SO happy that we are all getting better and that we can put those awful 4 days behind us!!! :-)

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


After I wrote that last post, I rested on the couch for about an hour, then went to take a shower...

And I have been feeling almost as good as new ever since!

Holy cow! How does that happen???
It still hurts...pain level is at about a 4...totally tolerable!

I don't get it!
I actually decided to clean my house a little bit instead of nap before work.
That could be a big mistake,
but so far it hasn't come back to bite me in the butt.

Odd.....its all very odd!
(However, now I have a really bad headache...go figure!)


I called work last night to see if I could come in and see the doctor. I was told No! There wasn't a female assistant managers working who could take me, so I had to wait until today.

I went in today. ALL the female assistants were at lunch so I had to wait an hour. Then, They got my paperwork ready and I FOLLOWED the female assistant (Never got her name) to the doctors in Draper. (Why did I have to wait for a female if I was just going to follow her!?!) She waited with me until they called me back and then she left.

I had my blood pressure, pulse, and temperature taken. Then I took a drug test. Then the dr came in to see me. After examining my back and asking me a bunch of question he told me that he is prescribing me some pills, and that I should only do light duty at work, but that I am cleared to go back to work tonight!

I was PISSED!!!!

I am hurting and in a lot of pain and I told him that, but he didn't seem to care!

One of the pills he Rx'd me is a muscle relaxer that I can only take before I go to bed....but I work tonight--until a I supposed to take it? I have to wait until morning!
Shouldn't I have been able to have another day off work to take it and see if it helps???

I went back to work to take them my paperwork, got my Rx filled and when I went to the back to talk to my boss I broke down! I started crying....I am so upset that I have to work tonight! I don't know if I can do it! Plus, I am so tired...after having a hurt back and trying to help Nick take care of sick kids for the past 3 days, I haven't gotten enough sleep to be able to stay up all night at work! I am going to try to nap now for a little bit.

Poor nick is sick today...Flu. He's achey and has chills. I wish I could do more to help him!

Jana came over today to get Preston. What a sweetheart!!! She just came over on her own with out my asking and has had him for most of the day! It's been so nice not having to worry about him since he's the only one who seems to be doing better! Thank you SO much Jana!!!

So....the illnesses are still hanging on. We're all miserable and tired and frustrated and very anxious to finally be well again! Our house needs some serious help, my laundry is piling up, and it just feels gross to be here!

Ever wish you could just run away from your life for a while?
I do....

Monday, February 23, 2009

Still sad and miserable

It's Monday night....

Preston has been feeling fine. But thinks it's funny to say "I want to throw up in a bowl".

Nick is completely worn out from getting little to no sleep and taking care of all of us. I am worried that he will be getting sick next...he doesn't do well when he hasn't gotten much sleep.

Ashleigh slept a lot today and seemed pretty good, but tonight she was sick again. She's been throwing up! Thankfully we've been doing pretty good at starving her stomach bug so she's only been throwing up water...

My back is still killing me! I called work to see if I could come in tonight to see their doctor, but there wasn't anyone available to take me to the doctor so I am going in tomorrow morning. I am actually pretty pissed off that they didn't take me on Sunday like I wanted them to. I'll be telling them that when I see them tomorrow! Tonight I'd say my pain level is at about an 8.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sad and miserable

this will be a journal type post....feel free to ignore it if not interested.

For the last week I have been busting my butt at work to make sure our assignments are done each night. Seasonal is one area that constantly needs work and there is always freight that needs to be thrown (Merchandise from boxes put up on shelves). I've overcompensated for my coworkers and pushed my back to it's limits! Each night I've been telling Nick that my back kind of hurts. It was more of an ache than anything else but on Friday it was hurting more than just an ache. I worked through it. On my way home from work Saturday morning it was hurting really bad.

Ya know the pain scale you see at doctors offices? 1=you are fine, 10=you are dying it hurts so bad! Well, that morning my back felt at about a 6. By the afternoon when I woke up it was easily at a 10! I was literally in tears! To me, it hurt worse than labor!!! The pain is in an isolated location--about mid/low back on my left side next to the muscle that surrounds the spine. The rest of me felt fine! That spot on my back felt like the worst charlie-horse and someone poking at me really really hard! The real problem was that I could not get comfortable! The pain did not decrease even a little no matter what position I was in--standing, sitting, laying down, walking, etc...and forget about trying to lay on my stomach! That was worse than all the rest! I tried to lay on my stomach so Nick could rub my back and as soon as I laid down the pain intensified so much I was hysterically crying!

I took 4 Advil, then later took 4 Extra Strength Tylenol, then later took 2 Aleve--None of which helped at all! The pain didn't diminish even a little bit! I also rotated heat and ice and I tried to rest the whole day! NOTHING helped it at all!!!! But, at bed time I took 1 Tylenol with codeine....Ah....boy did that help! The pain didn't really go away so much as I was able to finally just relax and get some sleep! I slept for 5 hours strait through and when I woke up I felt much better! My pain level was probably at a 6. That is, until I got up and started moving around. Within an hour or so it shot back up to a 10!!! AGAIN!!!! I was miserable!


Friday night...Nick called me while I was at work and told me that Preston threw up...thankfully I was able to leave work early to come home and help him. He only threw up once so we figured it was a fluke kind of thing.

Saturday afternoon...
Randy and Juli took time out of their day to come over so Randy and Nick could give me a blessing. Then Randy and Juli cleaned my house! They did my dishes, picked up all the toys, trash, clothes etc...vacuumed, swept, washed my counters, etc...They did so much for me in short amount of time...I was so impressed, and so touched! It really meant so much to me!

Saturday night...Nick went out with "the guys" and I had promised a lady from work that I would pick her up from Trax and take her to work-even though I wasn't working! I hadn't planned on my back hurting and I didn't want to cancel on her since I had already committed. So, I painfully piled the kids in the car and went to go pick her up. As I got to my exit I heard Preston in the back starting to whine and trying to get my attention. I looked in my rear view mirror just in time to see him throw up! UGH!!! I pulled over...and realized I didn't have ANY baby wipes in my car! What was I thinking!?! I panicked and freaked out! Nick didn't drive himself to the guys night out, so he couldn't come and help me! I called my friend and told her I couldn't come pick her up and then I called my mom in a complete hysterical panic and asked her for her help! Thank goodness she was home! I drove the 20 min to her house. She helped me get Preston out of my van--with my hurt back it was hard for me to pick him up and hold him. She helped me get him in the bath, she fed Ashleigh some dinner and was just there for me...comforting me! I went in and out of hysteria numerous times while I was there! I finally composed myself enough to go home. I got the kids to bed and tried to rest my back again.

Nick came home from his guys night shortly thereafter and let me cry on his shoulder some more. Then I took a Tylenol with Codeine and drifted off to sleep...

Sunday morning...I had called work the night before and let them know how bad my back was and that I needed to come in to fill out an incident report. So, I went in, filled out the report, and talked to the assistant managers about going to their doctor. We discussed it and decided that they would "Store use" a bottle of Naproxen (Aleve) and I would take those regularly to see if that helped at all...I am supposed to call them on Tuesday (the next night that I work next) and let them know if I am doing better. If not, than I will go to their doctor at that time.

Sunday, I have been taking lots of pills (sick) and resting!

Sunday night...I was FINALLY starting to feel a bit of relief! My pain was at about a 6! A huge decrease considering how much it's hurt for the last day and a half. I am NOT looking forward to what tomorrow brings! I don't know how much more of this pain I can handle! I would much rather be in labor than feel like this anymore!

Preston didn't throw up again, but Ashleigh was up most of the night throwing up. Nick stayed up with her to take care of her. We kept her home from school. Nick got about an hour of sleep total! I was able to get some sleep, but once I got up today my back started hurting a ton again!

My boss from work called me to check up on me and see how I was feeling. I told her it is not getting any better and so I will be going in to work tomorrow to see the work doctor and hopefully get something stronger than just Aleve to help it get better!

I think the whole family is pretty miserable today!


Is this disturbing to anyone else besides Nick and me?
Preston loves cars, he loves trains, he loves airplanes and helicopters!
He also loves watching princess movies with Ashleigh, doing cheer leading,
and wearing her high heels...

I am disturbed by the whole thing!
(he is singing in to a microphone...pretending to be Hannah Montana)

On a lighter note.
My kids do love each other a lot and they love to cuddle

I think that's sweet!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Beauty shop and a crab

I curled Ashleigh's hair with my straightener. She loves having her hair all done and feeling really girly. I love having a girly girl for a daughter!

Ash found a craft book in our house and decided to make a crab. Pretty good, huh?

My "not so little" Preston

Preston looked like such a big boy yesterday. I am not really sure why...he hasn't really grown taller or done anything remarkably different lately, but for some reason he just seemed bigger...older.


Add a gallon of milk and about 10 more loaves of bread to this picture and that is what I bought at Albertsons yesterday. LOTS of food storage! What's nice about the way I am shopping now is that I only have to buy fruits/vegetables when we need them. Everything else I have on hand for meals, etc. And we've definitely saved a lot of money since I started couponing! I've found though that I have SO much now that I could take a month or more off from shopping "the deals" if I want to....We'll see.
I can't remember my exact numbers...but I spent about $88, got $13.50 back in register rewards. I saved $117. 57% savings!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Toast and Gravy

Ok, so here's the story--Juli's great grandparents on her dads side were poor dairy farmers with lots of milk and they "invented" this gravy. It's been passed down and passed down and now it's in my hands to be able to make it like his mom does.
Pfew--that's pressure! But guess what????

Nick LOVED it! He said I made it perfectly!
Yay for me!

Pouring on the gravy in our beautiful new gravy boat! See--it's true, you make gravy more often when you actually have a boat to put it in! (thanks mom!) I loved it!

Nicks plate with the end result...that's pepper on top. Yes, he likes his pepper...just like his grandpa! :)

Dinner with the fam

We all went out to dinner the other night. Nick ordered of his favorite appetizers. (SICK) Ash also LOVES calamari! She ate at least 1/2 of his plate full! What a gal! We told Preston that it was Squidward (from Spongebob) that Ash was eating and he freaked out..."No Ashleigh, don't eat her!" (He says her instead of him...) ha ha

Nick and Ashleigh....Ah, they are so cute! She sure loves her daddy!

Preston--CHEESE!!! He's so funny!
However, he was REALLY good in the restaurant! I was pleasantly surprised!

After dinner we went to the mall and let the kids play.
Preston, of course, loved the "choo choo train" the most!

Ashleigh on a "Harley". She seemed to really like that motorcycle.

Then we let them play outside...they LOVED walking around on this concrete thing!
It was such a fun day out! I love spending time with my kids and my hubby! I look forward to MANY more days like that day!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The potty dance

THIS is hilarious!!! Preston watches it a couple times every day and after always says he wants to go on the toilet, but once I start going with him he changes his mind. I don't think he is quite ready to potty train yet anyway...but I hope soon!

Enjoy the video!

Monday, February 16, 2009

a stolen post

I took this from Tamsen's blog....
and made it my own!

Megan Afton Ballard Call

2.WITNESS PROTECTION NAME:(mother and fathers middle names same gender first)
Marguerite Russell

3.NASCAR NAME:(first name of your mother's dad, father's dad)
Doug Bryce

4.STAR WARS NAME:(the first 3 letters of your last name, first 2 letters of your first name)

5.DETECTIVE NAME:(favorite color, favorite animal)
Blue penguin

6.SOAP OPERA NAME:(middle name, town where you were born)
Afton Walla Walla

7.SUPERHERO NAME: (2nd fav color, fav drink, add "THE" to the beginning)
The Green ice water

8.FLY NAME:(first 2 letters of 1st name, last 2 letters of your last name)

9.ROCK STAR NAME:(current pets name, current street name)
no pets silver ranch

10. YOUR GANGSTA NAME:(first 3 letters of real name plus izzle)

11.YOUR IRAQI NAME:(2nd letter of your first name, 3rd letter of your last name, first two letters of your middle name, last two letters of your first name then last three letters of your last name)

12.YOUR GOTH NAME:(black, and the name of one of your pets)
Black Howie

A B C's of Me.

A - Age: 28

B - Bed size: king

C - Chore(s) you hate: cleaning the toilet/shower

D - Dad's Name: Russ

E - Essential start your day item: the snooze button

F - Favorite actor(s): Today-- Christian Bale, Reese Whitherspoon

G - Gold or Silver: Silver

H - Height: 5'2"

I - Instruments you play(ed): violin, piano

J - Job title: Customer Service Manager, Mommy, wifey

K - Kid(s): Christian, Ashleigh, Preston

L - Living arrangements: with my hubby, kids and a basement roommate

M - Mom's name: Suzanne

N - Nicknames: Meg, Max, Megkins, mommy, megs, maxipad, Hey you!

O - Overnight hospital stay other than birth: only when Ash was sick

P - Pet Peeve: When kids want something and stare at it or say how much they like it but never just ask for it.--ditto this from Tamsen's blog. Plus---leaving cupboard doors open/or toilet lid up!

Q - Quotes you like: Your character is who you are when you think no one is looking!

R - Right or left handed: Left handed!

S - Siblings: 2 brothers 2 sisters

T - Time you wake up: after a work night--1pm, non-work night--10am

U- Underwear: that's personal!

V - Vegetable you dislike: Beets, eggplant, etc...

W - Ways you run late: hitting snooze too many times!

X - X-rays you've had: lungs, spine, teeth, ankle

Y - Yummy food you make: Lately? Toast and gravy--Juli Call style!

Z - Zodiac: Pisces

Thanks Tam for letting me steal your post....anyone else want to steal it, you have my permission! ;-)

Playing outside in the GREAT weather!

I took the kids outside to play in the great weather we were having today! It is about 45 degrees and totally clear skies! The sun was's was GREAT!!! As you know, I pretty much shrivel up and die when it gets above about 75 degrees, so this weather is perfect for me! This is also the first time Preston was able to ride his bike outside! He still hasn't figured out how to ride it with his feet on the pedals, but can go pretty fast doing it his own way.

The kids then thought it would be fun to have a snowball fight.
Preston chasing Ashleigh to throw a snowball at her...

Ashleigh getting him back with a snowball to the chest

And Preston getting her back again
I took a few videos of our day outside too:

BEST shopping trip to Walgreens!

I had a little time before my dentist appointment so I went to Walgreens to see how little I could pay for the items that were on sale this week! I must say...I REALLY did well! I'll go back a little and tell you about last week first....

Walgreens had a sale on Gillette Fusion and Venus razors. I paid-out of pocket about $5.57 for each razor I bought and I would get a $6 register reward back for each one--for those who don't know, a register reward is a manufacturer coupon, or Catalina coupon that automatically prints when you buy select items. I bought 13 razors! So I had $78 in register rewards!

So after looking at this weeks ad and compiling a list of all the items that were on sale and that I wanted...and that I had coupons for, I went to the store!

I bought--2 cases of water, 2 packages of diapers, 8 Lysol cleaning products, 3 boxes of Kleenex, 4 Colgate toothpastes, 2 Childrens Tylenol, 2 Childrens Motrin, 3 packs of gum, 2 cans of almonds, and a package of gloves.

And here is my receipt.....
They scanned the in store ad coupons, then my manufacturer coupons, and finally my register rewards! In the end, I paid out of pocket-$4.98. I saved-$105.23. That's a 96% savings!!!! And as you can see, most of my total was the tax! Ha ha ha completely made my day!!!!

This shopping trip definitely put me in a good mood to get my cavity filled at the dentist! ;-)
Oh, and I still have $30 in register rewards left!!!

Valentine's for the kids

I got a great idea from a fellow celebrate Valentine's day AFTER Feb 14 since everything is marked down to at least 50% off. So Nick and I decided to do our Valentine's Day on Feb 20, but we still wanted to get the kids something-especially now that Ashleigh is in school and they already did their V-day party and she knew exactly when the real V-day was!

Nick started the tradition when Ash was 3 to get her a single rose for V-day. She LOVES getting one from her daddy and proudly displays it in her room for weeks on end and she is always a little sad when it dies and we have to throw it away! He tells her that he is the only valentine that she needs until she falls in love and gets married someday. I think it's so sweet that he thinks of her each year and shows her how much he loves her like that!

This is the first year we did anything for Preston, but he was SOOO excited to get a present and some candy too! He has slept with his little "goggy" every night since he got it...and he keeps telling the doggy to "let go" of the thing hanging off it's mouth! Ha ha....he's such a funny kid!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Random pics

The other day Juli came with me to enrichment night at church. She gave me a fortune cookie--I went on and on about how you are not supposed to give someone else their fortune cookie cause it's bad luck...but when I opened the cookie and found this GREAT fortune, I threw that superstition out the window. Lol.

It says: You will never need to worry about a steady income.
I was thinking--that's really good, but later when I thought about it I realized that it doesn't say HOW MUCH our steady income will be. Hey, $5 or $5 million doesnt matter--I just like that it's steady!

We went out to lunch with Juli and Quinn and this limo was in the parking lot near where we ate at. Ash LOVED that it was purple--I told her it is pink--we argued. Either sure is pretty!

The day that we put an offer on our house the kids laid on our stairs-and I took a picture (which is on my other computer). The other day they laid on the stairs just the same way...almost exactly 1 year later! Isn't that cute! I need to find the picture from last year.....Can't believe we've been in our house for a year! Time sure flies!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

A night at work for Megan

these pictures are over the course of a week of nights at work. Work is actually becoming really fun and I really enjoy being there--even though I do work until 4am!

With Valentine's Day coming I have learned how to make flower balloons and gift balloons. They are way more tricky than I imagined, but they are fun to do too!

I made this beautiful "red rose in a heart balloon on a stand thing with a ribbon".
and I also made this "teddy bear, candle, sparkling cider, heart pen, confetti in a balloon with a ribbon on top" thing too! :)
Doesn't it just make you want to run to your local wal-mart and buy one for your sweetheart for Valentine's day? ;-)

Last night my co-worker, Tiffany, saw this adorable little bike and decided she just HAD to have it! I think it fits her quite nicely!

We have one cashier who gets really grumpy when we send her to the door to door greet at night so I "took one for the team" and watched the door for almost 3 hours one night. I didn't time I was SO bored over there that I counted all the tiles on the floor! (there was 463!)
Here I am bored at work....while sitting at the door. Lol Ya know, there are a lot of wrinkles on my forehead that weren't there just a year or two ago....sigh!
And here's my view from my seat at the door. That door on the left that you see was stuck open and stayed that way most of the night. It also snowed so I was REALLY cold!
So...that's pretty much how my nights go at work. I actually do a LOT more than that, but I don't think I can really take pictures of things while I am supposed to be working. I'll try though....and save it for another post!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Albertsons and Walgreens

Albertson's this week offered to double 4 manufacturer coupons. I originally planned to go pretty much every day and only buy 4 or 5 items so that I could take full advantage of the double coupon deal, but I slacked off and so I went only once! I went with a list of the things that were on sale that week and I went with ONLY those coupons in hand-instead of taking my whole huge binder with me. I was focused on getting in and out as quickly as I could! Unfortunately, I was a little too quick and forgot to get the Suave shampoo/conditioner that was on sale--and I had coupons for. oh-well.
Here is Ashleigh with all the stuff I got from Albertsons. I spent $38.40 for all this....and I saved $32.16. 46% savings. I was disappointed that I didn't do better, but like Betsie said--it's better than nothing!

I was a little down after my Albertson's trip, so I decided to go to Walgreens and see if I could do my own fault, I didn't! Sigh....

I did 4 transactions--I needed 4 receipts to take advantage of the rebates and so that I could get my Register rewards as well. I was lucky--everything I wanted was in stock, a young girl rang me up-away from everyone else so not to attract attention to the fact that I was "working the system". The first 2 transactions went great!

When she finished the 3rd transaction and started on the 4th, I realized that I forgot to give her my coupons for the 3rd the same time she had finished the 4th transaction and my register reward (RR) didn't print! :-( So, I had to have a manager come and fix it for me. He redid my 4th transaction so I could get my was all good, but then when he went to void my 3rd transaction and start over. I was dumb and gave him back the $6 RR that had printed with that transaction so I could get a new one and he told me that he couldn't give me a new one because of the rules--one RR per customer-even though it was a different transaction (technicalities-ugh!!) (I kept my mouth shut that I had already gotten one from the 2nd transaction!!!) So, I didn't buy the item that I was supposed to get the RR for-it was another razor.
So, what's my bottom line? Well, like I said, it's not nearly as good as I had hoped it would be, but hey--better than nothing! My body sprays in the picture were not onsale--nor did I have a coupon for them....It was my 1 impulse buy in over a month! :)
At Walgreens I spent $24.79 and I saved $27.56. Plus--I received $7 in RR and I have my receipts to submit online to get $6 in rebates. 53% savings

It's nice to be adored

Nick's cousin Michael and wife Aubree came down from Rexburg for a very quick visit. Too quick! We haven't seen them since Preston was just a little baby before we moved from Vancouver.
Preston attached to Michael really quickly--they played basketball and snuggled on the couch together

And of course, they loved Aubree...she always focuses her attention on the kids and makes them feel so loved and important!
I'm so glad we could see them...even for a short while! I hope it's less than 2 years before we see them again! We miss them already!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Target, Old Navy, and Walgreens

I went to Target, Old Navy, and Walgreens today...Nick was kind enough to be my chauffeur for the day. Thanks honey!!! ;-)
Here is my breakdown:
At Target I spent $17.86 and saved $13.70.
At Old Navy-I spent $3.75 and saved $55.55.
At Walgreens I spent (2 transactions for rebate purposes)
1st transations: $7.67 and saved $3.98
2nd transaction: $11.90 saved $26.81

All together--I spent $41.18 and I saved $100.04
that's a 71% savings!
Plus--I will get $12 back in rebates! :)


I love my Nicholas!!!

Picture courteousy of Ashleigh

Friday, February 6, 2009

My kids and me

It's picture day at the Call household....

Preston (2 1/2 years), Ashleigh (6years)

Preston and Me

Me and Ashleigh