Thursday, April 28, 2011

Cousin fun

I watched Avery and Finley for Emily yesterday (Bridget was at school). Ashleigh took on the roll of being the "babysitter" and kept a close eye on Finley, keeping her out of mischief and keeping her entertained....When Ash wasn't helping with Finley, she was playing with Avery. Preston would go back and forth between the two as well and just loved having some kids to play with. I loved having them over. They were so good and it's just great to be able to get to know them better and see their fun fun personalities.

(I went a little overboard taking pictures of Finley....)

Closet, Stories, a train, and soup....

For some reason the kids got it in their heads that it would be fun to sleep in their closets, so I put some squishy blankets folded up on the floor for them and they got all settled with their favorite blankets and their pillow pets. They are so funny. They liked it so much that they both want to sleep in their closets again tonight! If they keep this up, we may end up selling their beds. Lol....

Ashleigh reading us a bedtime story about Sea lions.

Preston took the picture above and below...not bad! ;-)

My child who is completely obsessed with trains LOVES that we live less than 2 miles from this train on the side of the road. We had to stop and let him get out and see it. He still says he's going to be a conductor when he turns 9. Lol...

Both kids have made different forms of "soup" since we've moved here. They get little containers and put water, grass, rocks, pine cones, bark dust, dirt, etc in it and stir it up and make soup. Preston was very proud of his. hahaha

Boy cousin sleepover

On April 8th, While Ashleigh was at a girl cousin sleepover at my parents house to finish the playhouse, Tamsen invited the boy cousins to her house for a sleepover too! :-) It was nice to have both the kids gone for the night.

Tamsen said all the kids were very well behaved and they had a good time! I love the pictures so I stole them from Tam's blog.

L to R: Nathan, Preston, Ethan, Braeden, Cooper, Sheridan

Silly faces

Of course it's always fun to torture Todd and hang off the back of his scooter. :-( Poor Toddy.

He is such a good sport.
Thanks Tam...LOVE YOU!!!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

WA house pics and Easter

You've asked...and here they are...some pictures of our new house. It's quite a bit smaller than our house in UT and so it's been fun trying to figure out how to fit all our furniture, but amazingly we've been able to fit it all nicely and we are all very comfortable here. It's perfect for our little family. :-)

Here is our "dining room"...who ever thought that carpeting a dining room was a smart idea is an idiot!!! Thankfully there were some extra carpet pieces here so we laid them under our table to protect the brand new carpet...gotta keep things clean since this is a rental house! ;-)

Our's pretty small too, and I really miss having a pantry, but it has a TON of counter space and lots of cupboards so the small size hasn't been an issue.

Our living room view from our Window/Fireplace/TV...Eventually we'll get a sectional to provide more seating, but again, for our little family, it's perfect!
Preston and Ash pretending to be asleep. ;-)

And our living room view from the stairs area

The view from the stairs...our hutch on the left and the bookshelf. (the kids pretending to read books. lol.) and we still have some boxes/trash to take out from the unpacking...

Our front door. I love having a window in the door...and a peep-hole.

We finally have a main floor bathroom! YAY!!!

Preston pretending to pee in the toilet. I wouldn't let him do it for real or you'd see his cute little bum. ;-)

Our laundry room is on the main floor which is a TON better than having it in the basement like we had in UT. It's in it's own room that is between the house and the garage, but thankfully it hasn't been a problem.

The first 3rd of our stairs....7 steps up to a landing...

then turn and go 6 steps up to another landing...

and then turn and go 1 step up to the top floor. You turn at each landing so I feel like I am going in a circle when I go up/down them. lol. They are fun stairs.

At the top of the stairs to the right is our master bedroom. Our room and bathroom look out over the front of the house. :-) I like being over the garage so the kids don't wake up when Nick gets home from work after midnight and opens the garage door.

The hallway....We have 2 nice size "linen" closets, which I LOVE!!! and we put up the kids' measurements on one of the walls.

The kids' bathroom--it's HUGE and they love it!!! (We have 4 bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms)

The kids...pretending to shower in their bathroom

Keep going down the hall past the kids' bathroom and you get to the office first...It's messy...seems to be the last thing we work on anytime we move!!! On the other wall we have a TV on a stand and the closet has cool steps/shelves inside and we'll put the kids' toys in there...that part is a mess still too...

Going past the office on the left is Ashleigh's room. She's pretending to talk on a phone that doesn't work. She's so funny.

The other side of her room. She has a MUCH bigger closet than she used to have so we put her dresser in closet on the other side. It's nice...makes the bedroom itself feel bigger.

Then at the end of the hallway on the right is Preston's room (the kids' rooms are right next to each other, but at the opposite side of the house from the master bedroom) Their bedroom windows look out on to the back yard. Preston's room isn't "decorated", but he doesn't care, as long as he has his pillow pet and his "Daddy Rocks" t-shirt, he's a happy boy! :-)

Preston's closet---the same size as Ashleigh's so we put his dresser in his closet as well.
So that's pretty much our house. it's cute and cozy and comfy and I love it here...and thankfully, so do the kids and Nick. We feel at home here and we're so happy about that!

The other day Nick decided to have a picnic on the floor of our kitchen with the kids. lol. you can see how small it is...Nick can't even stretch his legs out!

After all the moving expenses, we didn't have much $$ left over so Easter was pretty sparse for the kids. Thankfully, they didn't seem to mind at all.

We did the traditional "trail of jelly beans to their baskets"

And in the morning they came out of their rooms to find the trail and they pushed the trail to find their baskets....

Nick wasn't feeling well so we spent the day relaxing and watching movies and I decided I needed to do laundry, dishes, and clean the 3 bathrooms. Overall, it ended up being a good day. :-)