Monday, May 7, 2012

It's picture time! :-)

It's been almost a month since I blogged last. So unlike me. It's been busy around here what with sleeping in, homeschooling, working, and taking care of everyone's basic needs. However, I've decided to ignore everyone today and focus on the blog.

This is our new (1 month old) couch! It's so comfy that Nick and I have missed entire weekends, being consumed with sleep while simply sitting on it. It easily sleeps 2 people which is great considering all the company that visits here on a regular basis! 


 Taking the kids to the mall was my first mistake...letting them ride these overgrown stuffed animals around and around and around for $3 each was my second mistake. 

Seeing the smiles on their faces after getting these FREE balloons made all the mistakes worth it! Oh how I love when my kids smile! 

Ashleigh got a bea-utiful crown and Preston got what looks like a blob, but is actually a train with steam coming out of the top. 


Ashleigh was insisted on getting some "hot-teacher glasses". When Nick saw her in these he promptly took them off and smashed them and told her to go to her room until he's dead. He just can't deal with the idea of his little girl growing up. (j/k...her glasses are still intact and she wears them all the time!)

While she was in her room she invented a new game. She is so creative! (Definitely not my child!)


After many years of being a mom and a wife I decided I had had enough and took off. Nick suggested that since I was taking off anyway, I should go to Redmond OR to see one of my old friends from middle/high school and attend her baby shower! What a brilliant idea!  
I took off on Sunday morning, drove white-knuckled through Mt. Hood, and a short 3 hours later I made it to Redmond. 

Oh what fun it was to see my sweet friend again! I tried with all my might to tell her that having a baby is not all it's cracked up to be and she should get out while she still can, but she is determined...what can you do. Some people just don't listen! 

I couldn't really tell by her facial expression if she likes the onesies I got her...but her yelling and cursing and throwing it into the mud in the yard quickly put an end to my puzzled thought...Yep, she hated it! I knew I should have gotten her the lock for the nursery room door and the chastity belt for her soon to be baby girl like she wanted. Rats. 

The cake was good...I didn't die because there was a vegetable in it. carrot cake

It's so strange to see her in a mommy role...the last role she took on was running down the street in the middle of the night in a cheerleading uniform! Oh wait, that was me. 


When I got home I found that Nick had really laid down the law and my kids had been put to work scrubbing and cleaning and doing everything that they won't do for me! Ahhh. I should leave them all more often! 

Alright. Enough of the dry whit. I don't have it in me to continue. I'm just not that funny. ;-)
Ashleigh takes Art class once a week through her schooling. She loves it and is doing really well! She is using only Charcoal and pencils right now. She started off with shapes and shadows, then moved on to other things. She drew a dog, and some sunflowers, and then other random items with the different shapes that she had been practicing. 

Since then, she has also completed a picture of a Penguin and is now working on a Whale tail that is sticking up out of the ocean water. 


It's softball time once again! Yay! It's been 5 years since Nick's played on his works team, but it is SO good to be back and it's so fun to go to these games! I keep the stats for the game and I gave Ashleigh the camera to take pictures. Preston spent most of the time running around with his friend Gage-who he can only see in an outdoor setting since Gage's family has a couple of very hairy dogs. 

This is Mike with his new wife of 1 year-Liz. We love them both So much!!!

This is Gage...poor little kid had a bit of a cold, but when we got home that evening I got a call from his mama that he now has the chicken pox. So, we're on yellow-level-alert, which is "wait-and-see" if our kids get the chicken pox too. We've got another 2 weeks of waiting before we can be sure that they either do or do not have them. 

Nick up to bat, and in Center field. He's always #12! :-) He did an awesome job and the sore body the next day proved that he either worked hard, or he's getting too old to play "competitive" sports! 

After the game--Nick and Kyler with their boys behind--Preston in Blue,and Gage in Green. The OMS boys won their first game, and lost the second. It was SO much fun and I can hardly wait for the next game!