Sunday, January 15, 2012


My kids LOVE this new game they got for Christmas. It's called The Ladybug Game. We highly recommend it!  Also, what's cute is there are Aphids that you collect through out the game...Preston calls them Efans. It's really cute. :-) 

Ash and Preston were really excited to play the game with their cousins Bridget and Avery and the girls loved it too--Avery won! :-)

Library & New Years

I love the new library. There's a whole floor just for children and my kids love playing there. 

Preston loved this toy the best

Preston showing off all his "tattoos" and showing how tough he is! Lol

New Years 2012 arrived for the kids at 9pm so we went out and did some pop-its and other mild fire works. Here are Preston and Ash cleaning up after, and then we put them to bed and enjoyed our own New Years eve together.

Preston stacked one of his Christmas games.  (It's like a kids version of Jenga.)

Sunday, January 1, 2012