Sunday, June 28, 2009

Mia's 1st birthday

My niece Amelia (Mia) celebrated her 1st birthday last week. We all went to a park/playground near their house for the party. Jana brought such yummy for for us all to eat and the kids got to play and run free. It was so much fun! I'm glad we were able to go.

Preston pointing at Thomas the train on Coopers overalls...Cooper corrected him and said--that's not Thomas, that's James.

Nick playing catch with Sheridan
Mia with her birthday cupcake...she wasn't sure what to make of it at first

But once she got a taste she Loved it!!!

Preston and Cooper loved this bridge

And they love playing together!
Mia got a baby doll--among other gifts. She loved this baby!

Happy birthday Mia! We love you!

Father's day

Nick didn't have the greatest father's day...I thought it was pretty good, but I also was SO tired so I took a couple naps which I guess wasn't what Nick was hoping for. Poor's hard when I work the night before.

Anyway, when I woke up, I gave nick his gifts. I made him a sign that had words that said all the things I love about him, Ash got him a sign that said--I've found my prince, his name is daddy. Preston and I got him a couple transformers, and we all got him some peanut M&Ms.

(Nick and Ash trying to transform the transformer)

(After they have been transformed)

I thought that was all pretty good, but like I said, I was so tired, it was hard to really follow thru the rest of the day and watch the kids so he could just have a day of relaxation. Oh-well. I tried to make up for it on Monday...but once again, sleep took over and I was of no help to him at all...poor guy. Hey, at least I got him some gifts....

How was your father's day?

Changing a flat

At work last week one of my co workers told me my van had a flat tire. I thought he was just teasing me, but when i went out an hour or so later to check, sure enough it was my van that had a flat tire! It had a large screw in it--no doubt from all the construction that's going on around here!

My co worked Lisa came out to check on me and ended up helping me a LOT! She read the owners manual and told me what to do and helped me get the lug nuts off--those suckers were on REALLY tight! We had to stand on the wrench thing and bounce up and down until our body weight helped to loosen it.
I found the spare tire, but couldn't figure out how to get the darn thing down! It took us forever to find this little flap that had the bolt that we unscrew to release the tire.

After that the whole thing was fairly simple. The hardest part for me was feeling confident enough that we tightened the lug nuts enough so I could travel home! i did...and I made it home safely! It was quite an adventure--especially at 4am!Oh--the only thing that irritated me was seeing a cop parked nearby while we were changing the tire and he never came over to offer his help! Isn't that one of the things they are supposed to do??? Whatever, we didn't need his help!
(blurry pic..sorry!)

(Me and Lisa)

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Rainy day

I love Utah storms.....
(yes, I took this while sue me!)

Its time for sleeping Preston

Preston isn't too fond of me taking his picture lately, so I have been taking a lot while he is sleeping. He's a cutie...

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Happy birthday Juli!!!

On Sunday we had dinner at the Calls and then Randy took Juli for a Sunday drive while we decorated the house for a surprise party!

All the guests arrived and soon after Juli arrived (blurry pic-sorry!). She seemed surprised, but later she told us she knew something was up... Oh-well!

My mom visiting with Carrie Call

Betsie was sad she couldn't be there for the party, so Nick set up Skype on the computer so she could be there watching the party...see I think that's Betsie and Jadon in the computer that Nick's holding.
Randy lit the candles and then....

Juli blew them out!
We had a fun time visiting and eating the yummy desserts and then we went home...

The next day was Juli's real birthday and the immediate family went to the Olive Garden for dinner. Quinn on the phone...

Nick got Calamari and let Randy and Quinn try it. Randy was ok with it....
But Quinn didn't seem to sure about it.

When the meals arrived, Quinn's and mine were totally wrong so they were sent back to get fixed. The head chef came out and apologized and comped our bills 25% for the inconvenience. I am so glad for the mistake, cause when my food came out finally it was SO good....So so good!

Here's my table spot with out my
After dinner we went back to the Calls for presents and birthday-ice cream cake. Nick got Betsie on the computer again...
And we gave Juli her birthay gift...
I think she was a little confused at first...
But then she opened it and figured it out. Nick, Betsie, and Quinn took the last couple months writing memories on a private blog and then Betsie went to Blurb and created a blog-book full of pictures, sweet notes, and all the memories the kids wrote out.

I think she liked it! ;-) (you can hear at the end of the video Betsie saying "She's crying" kind of had been so quiet in there it was really funny to hear her say that!)

And then we had ice-cream cake... I have never like ice cream cake, but this one was SO good!!! mmmmm.......

Happy Birthday! We love you!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Amazing skies!!!

We had the most beautiful and amazing summer storm the other day. It had been a totally clear and warm day when all of the sudden this dark cloud rolled in and the rain, Long/loud thunder, and bright lightning started! The whole family went outside to enjoy it! We stood on our driveway breathing in the sweet smell of the rain hitting the pavement. It was magical and beautiful and such a perfect evening!

This rainbow was literally over the house across the street from us!

I love this picture--you can see the rainbow and our flag in our yard and the sky is so dark, but the houses are still so bright with the sun shining down on them!

Then, in true Megan fashion, I had to take some "I'm a dork" pictures!

First, a "catch Nick off guard" picture

Then it seemed he was trying to get away from strange!

So I stuck my tongue out to see if I could entice him...nope, didn't work

And finally I tried some good old fashioned "Cheese"...boy does he look annoyed with me! HaHaHa...can you blame him?!?!

Just like a TRUE Megan is Preston riding his bike with his goldfish crackers in the rain! Yes....What a good boy! ;-)

I took a couple videos while I was outside watching the storm too....

This is Ash running in the rain with her friends....the garbage can got knocked down by the wind earlier that day...

And this I took at the beginning of the storm...when I pan down to Preston you can see the flash of the lightning off his face. It's pretty cool!!!

And finally, this is Preston talking about the rainbow and "I can hear the thunder"...if you turn your volume way up you can hear how loud it was! It was awesome!