Thursday, April 24, 2008

Our 3 year old camera...

The kids and I went to Lindsay and Cody's wedding luncheon on Tuesday-which was really great, by the way! When I was gathering my things to leave, I accidentally dropped my camera-on my toes-OUCH! This must have been the final straw for my camera cause I've dropped it before, but this time it was the last! It is BROKEN!!! It won't turn on, the lens won't retract, etc! It's so frustrating!!!

But then today, I went to look at it again, as we are trying to decide what kind of camera to buy now, and "It's a miracle", it's alive! It's working again!!! Who knows for how long, but at least it's on! I am so happy about that!!! :)

Sunday, April 20, 2008


I know, I am a slacker, I haven't updated this is a while-I will this week, but quickly I wanted to let you know that Preston's hives have only shown themselves once since my last entry. He's completed his antibiotics so we're going to watch him over the next few days and see if the hives reappear. Nick and I both decided that Preston is allergic to dogs. We went to grandma and grandpa's house last night and Aunt Ami is in town-she brought her dog-so cute-and Preston had allergies....that's the 2nd dog he's had a reaction to. sigh. It's sad for us, since we HATE cats and really wanted to get a couple dogs in another year or we'll have to rethink it. oh-well. Anyway, more updating later.....hope you all had a good week!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Preston's hives

The day we moved in to our new house Preston started developing hives. It looked more like just an annoying rash at first, but soon became hives. Nick and I were really worried that he was allergic to something in our house! Wouldn't that suck-my kid being allergic to my new house!!! Oh-man.

Well, it was never very consistent, so whenever it happened we just gave him some Benedryl. Today it's the worst it's ever been. Quinn came over to "play" and I am so glad that she was here...she saw the hives and how bad they were and suggested we go to the urgency care. I agreed and off we went. Ash was asleep in the car so it was VERY nice to have the extra hands to hold Ash while I had Preston and could really talk to the dr.

So, the diagnosis is this...he has a very bad ear infection, he's been teething, and he's had a cold on and off for the past month...all that combined has most likely caused a virus that created the hives. If he was allergic to a thing in our house, or detergent, etc, it would only show up in that one spot that has been irritated and Preston's hives are all over and very inconsistent! It's baffling. So, we're starting him on Antibiotics and continuing the benedryl. If it doesn't improve we'll take him to see an allergist. I hope it helps...poor kid! What's next?!?.............

Friday, April 11, 2008

Some pictures of my house....

This is our front room/Living room.

Nick's TV set up in our family room

Ashleigh's room-we pretty much finished it last night-we still have a couple more things to do, but I'd say it's about 95% finished. :) Preston's room...well, we haven't even started it yet...ugh
Tinker bell theme...can you tell? I decided I didn't want to paint again, so we just got these little stick-ons from Home Depot. She got to choose where they went on her wall.

Of course, can't forget the Hannah Montana poster.

Our room....nothing much done in it yet, but our closets are organized, so that's good. We'll get it done eventually.

We bought a hutch before we left Vancouver and since I don't really have anything that other's would see as value to put in it yet, I decided to put the things that mean the most to me...The left is a painting of Christian and the one and only mold of his hand. On the right is the painting of Ashleigh and her hand and foot molds above her. The "believe" sign in the middle I got from my sister Tamsen for is a reminder for me....but that's all I'll say about that.

I still need to add Preston's items, but I don't have a painting of him yet, or a hand/foot's on the to do list...

Ashleigh's favorite thing to do every day is to go and get our mail. As you can see, she is a little nuts---outside in a dress after it snowed! (Yes, it snowed the middle of April-I LOVE IT!!!) I think she has shoes on, but I don't know for sure.

Faucet fiasco

Nick's dad was nice enough to come lend Nick a hand at replacing our kitchen faucet. I don't like the standard faucets that come with houses so I bought a new one. Apparently the plumbing under the sink was really screwy so the first faucet I bought wouldn't hook up right or something. Nick and Randy went back to Home Depot to get a different one. Then they had to go back to get a hose of some sort. Then Nick went back to get a rubber washer--the connections were leaking a I said, it was a screwy set up. Now it's working well and I am happy to say I am the proud owner of a nice new faucet. I actually enjoy doing the dishes now! yipee.

Looking at the screwy set is this going to work?

The kids thought it would be funny to hit their daddy in the bum while he was trying to work--thanks Christopher for giving them the idea!

Still trying to figure the darn thing out....

And Whalah, one week later and I finally have a nice new faucet! :-)

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Go down to April 3

For some reason one of my video blogs was posted on April you have to go to april 3 to find it....go find it's FREAKING HILARIOUS (That's also the title of the blog)


Tea party birthday party for cousin Teriesa

I took Ash to her cousin Teriesa's house for her 6th birthday party last week-which was a Pink Lemonade "Tea" party. They got pink Boa's to wear and ate petite heart shaped sandwiches, had pink lemonade, fruit salad, and brownies for dessert. They also watched Enchanted. They had a great time and I decided to share the pictures that Jana sent me from the party. I think next time I'll throw myself a "tea" party too--looks like too much fun! (Thanks Jana!!!)

Teriesa, Cooper, Maura, Nathan and Ashleigh

BEAUTIFUL table all set up for the girls!

The cousins--Maura, Teriesa, and Ashleigh

My kidlets talking

Random talking--we were asking Preston to say some words. His way of saying things is so cute. I love hearing his little voice--as long as he's not whining!!! I HATE whining-which he does often. ugh. But this is cute none the less! :)

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Flowers are her favorite

Ash is totally a girl...she LOVES getting flowers. At work a lady puts together these flowers in a balloon-I think they are so cute, so I bought one for Ash....she kept asking many times through the day if she could hold her flower.

French Bread

I came home from work the other morning and Preston woke up when he heard me come in. I had bought some French bread and let him have at it for a while....

Sticker faces

Ash decided it would be fun to put sticker on daddy and herself. It was too cute to pass up taking a picture of.

Freaking hillarious!!!!

Preston out of the blue one day started "singing" to us--sounds like he is saying DAY. You be the judge. I just think this is stinking hillarious!!! Hope it brightens your day!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Easter 2008

This was probably one of the best Easter's we've ever had! Mom and Dad Call did a great job planning all sorts of fun stuff to do with the kids and we REALLY loved seeing the one-on-one time that they spent with each of them! Thank you thank you thank you!!!

Ash woke up to the traditional "egg" trail from her bed to the prize at the end... (Strawberry shortcake stuff)

We have stairs now....that was fun. Preston kept trying to get ahead to eat them all! He LOVES candy!

Preston all dressed for Church...we went to Quinn's ward to hear her speak....she did a GREAT job!

Preston feeding Grandpa red grapes, after grape, after grape, after grape....he is such a good sport!

Quinny helping to make Sunday favorite-Ham, Funeral Potatoes, etc...YUM!

Preston lately will give me this face when I point the camera at funny and cute! What a ham!

And then there's the sweet face...

Quinn and Preston....

Grandma Call and Ashleigh making colored coconut for their easter bunnies they made.....

Cutting out the cakes to shape the bunnies....

I think Preston was perfectly happy to eat the table for dinner....he makes me laugh!

Nick just had to join in the fun and decided to make a bunny out of an orange and some rolls...pretty great job if you ask me!

Here they are working hard on their bunnies...

And the finished project...aren't they SO cute!!! What a fun time! Ash LOVED it!!!!

Time to hunt for eggs

Ash knew exactly what to do-we had to tell her to leave some for Preston to find because we knew she would get them all if we let her

Thankfully, Quinn and Richy helped Preston so he wouldn't be left behind!

But, Preston soon figured out that there was candy inside and I'll bet you can guess what happened next, he stopped to open all the one's he had to eat the candy out of them. It was so funny!

I call this the "Stetson Man" shot of Nick....

Then we painted eggs. Preston LOVED dropping them in and getting his fingers in it-only Grandpa would have let him do all that! It was really so much fun!

Nosey me, I just had to get some pictures of Quinn and Richy...I think they are dating, but who really knows for sure! My bet? They will be married in the future.....we'll see. (I hope so, I really like this guy for Quinn!)

And at the end of the Easter day, we caught Grandpa reading Ashleigh a story. What a fun day!!!