Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Fireworks finally...

We finally got to see the fireworks at my sisters house tonight. They were well worth the wait. It only lasted 22 min, but they were big and beautiful and entertaining. I am so glad we went! Preston was so funny--he climbed right up on my mom's lap and stayed with her most of the time and during each firework he would say "wow, wow, wow" and then say "more?" He loved them!

Ash was the highlight of the night with her cousins--they were doing "cheers" as our purchased fireworks were going off--"We love BYU". Nick sure didn't like that--since he's a Ute's fan. ;-)

My dad holding his newest granddaughter-Amelia

Preston with grandma enjoying the fireworks

Jana, Cooper and Kevin

Preston--SO tired!

My brother Kevin and Cooper--he fell asleep. So cute!

Then I got to hold Amelia and I was able to get her to sleep. It was so precious!

Both kids fell asleep on the drive home. I thought it was cute that they both fell asleep leaning the same direction and both with something special on their laps...Ashleigh's doll, and Preston's bottle. haha

Happy Birthday Randy

We went to Nick's parents house tonight to help celebrate Randy's 53rd birthday. Nick's cousin Lindsey and her husband Cody were there which was a pleasant surprise. And Soon thereafter Nick's uncle Kevin and family came over to celebrate with them as well. It was a nice small gathering. We had cake and ice cream and good company. It was a very nice party.
Happy birthday, Randy!!! We love you!

Monday, July 28, 2008

My kids

Preston put on Ashleigh's princess hat and kept getting mad when it would fall off. hmmm....

This is Ashleigh with her "baby" Angelina. She LOVES this baby doll. Grandma Call gave her a whole bunch of doll clothes the other day--such cute clothes--and Ash just LOVES changing her baby and putting her down to sleep, and rocking her, etc. I think the many clothes helps to make Angelina seem more real. Thanks Grandma Call! :)

Family gathering

We went to my parents ward yesterday to hear them speak in sacrament meeting. They did an awesome job! After, they were nice enough to have ALL of their kids (minus Emily and her family) and the grand kids over to their apartment for dinner and visiting. I was a little grumpy unfortunately (lack of sleep and allergies) and put a damper on the fun day but I think everyone else had a good time.

My mom took most of the grand kids down the street to feed the ducks

Ash and Talon holding hands...isn't that cute?!? My sister-in-law Sara and I were saying how our kids could get married since we are not technically related. My brother Ryan is my "adopted" brother. Wouldn't that be funny? Then we really WOULD be related! :)

I am a dork!

Funny story-- We were getting ready to go home so I told Preston to give everyone hugs. He gave a couple of his cousins and my dad hugs and then came back to me, so I said go give Tamsen hugs and he went and gave Todd hugs, then I said go give Ryan hugs and he went back and gave Todd another hug, and then I said go give Jana hugs and he went back to Todd and gave him more hugs. It was so funny too cause Todd was asleep and each time Preston came up to give him a hug he woke him up. Poor Todd.

Eventually he did give hugs to everyone else. and was so tired from the fun day he fell asleep on the way home.

July 26 celebration

Yes, I said--July 26. Pioneer day is actually the 24th, but in Cedar Hills, where my sister Tamsen lives they do fireworks, etc on the Saturday following Pioneer day so this year it fell on the 26th. We came over to her house in the evening and were met with other family and friends. We all ate some food and visited and waited for the fireworks to start, but a big storm had been blowing in and by 10pm it was WAY too windy to set them off safely so they postponed them until Monday (today). We had a lot of fun just visiting and eating though. I LOVE get togethers!

Me holding baby Amelia...some of these are out of order....sorry!

Look how dainty she is--always with her ankles crossed. So cute!

Nick's parents came to my sister's house too...I was so glad! We haven't seen them in quite a while so it was nice to have them around again!

Both Juli and I thought of Betsie when these little cuties came in. They are identical twins-14 months old. This will be Jennidee and Emma in a year. cute, huh? :)

I was holding Amelia and she fell asleep in this slunched over sitting position. It was so cute!

My sister-in-law Jana and my brother Kevin

Me holding my niece Amelia. She's so tiny! I love it

Juli, Randy, Preston and Nick

Nathan, Braeden, Amelia, my mom

And the host of the fun fun party...my sister Tamsen. She's so cute!

Crickets and swimming

We went to my parents apartment to go swimming last week. Before the swim my mom found a huge cricket outside their door so we had to capture it for a bit.

Then we went swimming... Preston froze and spent most of his time in the hot tub. My mom, Nick and I had races from one end to the other of the pool and Ash had fun yelling-"On your marks, Get set, GO" even when no one was racing. We only swam for an hour or so, it started getting dark and we noticed a LOT of mosquitoes that came out to play so we packed it in. Next time we'll plan better and stay for possibly 2 hours! :)