Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Park City Honeymoon

Nick and I were so blessed to be able to go to Park City last weekend for a second honeymoon! Quinn watched the kids on Friday night, and Juli and Randy watched them Saturday and Sunday. We are so grateful to them all and can't thank them enough for helping us out!!!!

We got a great deal on a hotel, so we decided to spend 2 nights there instead of 1. Our first night (Friday) we arrived at our hotel in the evening, got checked in, and went to find a place for dinner.
Our Room...we requested a King bed, but they didn't have any...oh-well!
We still loved the room!

I chose to eat dinner that first night at a steak house called Prime. We were seated and looked at our menu and realized that there were no prices on the menu (there were prices, we just didn't see them at first). It's one of those places where every food item has it's own price and you order A la carte. Nick and I were shocked to see a party of about 15 people seated near us who all ordered wine, all ordered appetizers, a Steak, 2 sides, and dessert! Nick and I were figuring that their bill will be about $1500...minimum!!! * :-0 * Woah!
We ordered 1 appetizer, 2 Steaks, and 1 side dish. (we only had to pay for 1 of our steaks)

Appetizer--Scallops wrapped in bacon....yes, there are only 3 scallops on the plate
What a crappy appetizer (Nick loved it!)

Side dish--Garlic mashed potatoes with cheese on top
doesn't look good...tastes GREAT!

Our entree's...
I had literally the BEST steak I have ever had (and I really don't like steak)
but seriously, it was SOOOO perfect...like butter melting on my tongue!
And Nick's steak....Mmmmmmm.....

After our dinner, and we got back to our room we had a pleasant surprise....
There was a note on our desk and in the fridge was chocolate dipped strawberries and Martinelli's Sparkling Cider
It was so sweet and so romantic!

The next day (Saturday) we went to Main Street to see the shops there and have lunch...

We decided to ride the chair lift....it's a very relaxing 45 min ride with the most beautiful scenery!

(This was my favorite house...I want to live there!)

Our feet hanging off...we are about 100 ft off the ground!

After the chair lift we went to the Outlet stores and bought the kids some presents

We were both tires so we were going to head back to our hotel and take a nap, but I decided we needed to take a pit stop. We went up to the Olympic Park. To our surprise, amateur and professional skiiers were practicing their skills in to a big swimming pool! It was SO much fun watching them! We could have stayed there for hours!

Then we went inside and toured the museum a little bit...taking pictures, etc. We're so silly! ;-)

That evening we stayed at our hotel and ate at the restaurant there--the Park City Grill. We got a 15% off dinner coupon when we checked in so decided to take advantage. the food was delicious and so much better on the wallet!

Just before we ordered, Cody, from the front desk came to see us and gave us a Free Dessert coupon!!! I tell ya, we got good service being on our second honeymoon!!! :)

On Sunday, our last day in Park City, I took Nick to the Park Silly Market on old Main Street. I went to this when I came to park city alone over a month ago and we were there for the last day of it. It's a lot of vendors and tents set up and things for sale. It's totally my kind of place to be...I love all the hippie's, and the feeling there...every one is so laid back and non-judgmental. It's great!
I got a picture of Nick next to this cool Frog statue.
And I got a Henna tattoo...I wanted something that sort of represented Christian--so I got a shooting star with baby feet in the space dust that follows the star. I love the feet part...the star is too big. but I love henna tattoos...they only last a couple weeks, but it's just enough to "test out" different tattoo ideas. :)
I tried to convince Nick to get our faces painted, but he didn't want to, so instead, I got a glitter tattoo of an angel on my arm. This should last a month if I don't scrub it. I have always LOVED angels--figurines, pictures, etc. They are so peaceful to me.
Then we got some dinner and headed home..... I was SO sad to leave...it was the MOST amazing/wonderful weekend full of love and bonding and attention and adoration. I can honestly say that after all the rocky stuff Nick and I were going through last month, this was completely needed and was SO helpful in mending our relationship and it helped remind us who is most important and what is most important in our lives! I love him more than ever before and I am So grateful for him and all he does for me! He truly is my soul mate...my one and only...and the love of my life!!!

When we got to the Call's to pick up the kids, they were really excited to see us at first, but then Preston sure did NOT want to go home. He had so much fun with grandma and grandpa and wanted to stay. He kept asking me to leave him there. such a cutie! I am so glad the kids had fun and didn't miss us too much!! :-) Once we told them we had presents they were more willing to leave. hee hee.

Friday, September 25, 2009


When Nick and I got married nearly 9 years ago, we never actually had a honeymoon. We got married after being engaged only 2 weeks, and since it was such short notice, and since Nick was unemployed at the time (I know, what was I thinking...lol...oh, wait, I was in love...and only 20), we didn't have any money to go on a honeymoon so we stayed our wedding night at a wonderful little hotel called the Kempus in Spokane WA.

So here it is, almost 9 years later and we are finally going on a little honeymoon. We are leaving Friday night to Park City--only an hour away--and will be back Sunday night. Quinn is coming to our house Friday and staying with the kids overnight and then they are off to Grandma and Grandpa Call's house for Saturday and Sunday. It's the first time we've left the kids that long and I am really going to miss them, but this "second" honeymoon is LONG over due and I feel like now that my kids are 3 and almost 7 I feel comfortable enough to leave them. Plus, I know they are in GREAT hands!

I am SO excited...Nick and I have been doing a countdown for about 2 weeks now. T-minus 16 hours until we leave! Yipee!!!!!!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Preston turns 3

Today (Sept 14) is Preston's birthday, but Nick and I both had yesterday (Sunday) off so we decided to have his party last night. Preston had been asking for a chocolate cake for over a week, so that's what I got him. It was so yummy!
Then we did the presents...
It was SO funny...before opening EACH one he would say "what is it" all sing-songy. It was so funny!
A mini basketball and hoop

A Monster truck

A gumball machine

I don't know what this is--those little pellets you put in warm water and they grow and show a shape--these turned in to Aviation shapes (fighter planes, helicopters, hot air balloons, etc)

And finally a little T-ball set...While we're out driving we go by a baseball field. Preston always tells me he wants to play. Well, now we will see if he really does like it and/or if he has any real talent. ;-)
Today (Preston's actual birthday) I came down stairs to find that Preston had gotten in to his chocolate cake and almost completely demolished it! Cake crumbs were all over the main floor of our house and all over his face. Lol....funny kid!