Thursday, October 30, 2008

The 5 levels of LUCKY!!!

This is an amazing video....These people are all SO lucky!!!!!!!

5 levels of lucky

What do you think???

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Carving fun

We carved pumpkins the other day. it was really fun...preston is obsessed with pumpkin-heads just the way Ashleigh was at that age. Nick, of course, had to carve something that he loves. This year he carved UTES in the pumpkin. he's so funny!

Ashleigh's winking pumpkin


My pumpkin of wolves--first time I've ever followed a pattern.


Monday, October 27, 2008

Primary program

We had our ward's primary program at church yesterday. We invited my parents and Nick's parents to come. I am so glad we did. Ashleigh did such a good job. She had a part that she said--she didn't need to read it. She spoke clearly and somewhat slower than the other kids so we could understand her. She was sitting in the seats near where the deacons sit to pass the sacrament so we couldn't see her very well, but we each got up at random times to wave at her and see her sing. I couldn't help but be overwhelmed by how grown up she seemed to me. She is so mature at times and so confident. I am so in love with my little girl and I am so proud of her!

Thank you thank you thank you to the grandparents (and Quinn) for coming! We really appreciate your love and support!

Park time with grandma B

I went to the temple with my dad last week and my mom took my kids to a park...sort of. I guess my kids were very well behaved and my mom didn't have any problems with them at all! Pfew! Sure made me happy! :) Looks like a very fun place to go and explore.


I have a lot of random pictures on my computer that don't really belong to any 1 blog, so here they are all together.

Preston wearing Nick's shoes
Preston holding his cabbage patch doll baby

Preston eating a sucker

Preston in a funny sitting position (I may have posted some of these before)

Preston and his train

I also realized that I have a lot of pictures of Preston when he's asleep.

Preston decided that he wanted to sleep in Ashleigh's bed. it only lasted an hour or so, but I got a cute picture of them pretending to be asleep. ha ha.

My kidlets together. These were taken with my phone so the quality is not that great. But the kids look cute still anyway

I had to peek during prayer and I saw that Preston actually had his eyes closed and his hands folded. By the time I got my camera ready he was watching me back. I guess I am not the greatest example. It sure was cute though!
Us reading scriptures before the kids go to bed. Couldn't believe they were all listening.

I took this picture of Ashleigh after I picked her up from school. I think I actually like this one more than her real school picture.

I think I have posted this one before. I love it though...I love when Preston will just sit still on my lap and let me cuddle him. These days are few and far between, but I really try to enjoy it when he does let me hold him.

Payson Lake

after we hiked the Y we went to Payson lake. It was really high elevation there and it took quite a while to get there, but the drive, plus being at the lake was really fun!

Preston and Cooper found that it was really fun to throw rocks in to the water.
After a bit we had to tell them to move away from those who were fishing so they didn't scare away the fish with their rocks.

My brother kevin fishing. He's allergic to fish so he can't touch them or eat them...and the smell can cause a bad reactions too, but he's perfectly happy to just hold the pole and fish.

Kevin's son Sheridan holding up the fish he caught

Kevin's daughter Teriesa caught a fish too.
And so did Tamsen's son Braeden. I think other's caught some fish too, but we didn't get a picture of it.
I left before everyone else with Tamsen-who wasn't feeling well-and Maura. I got home just after Nick did from work. Everyone else stayed until well past dark. It was a lot of fun!

Attempt to hike the Y

A week or two ago I got together with my sister Tamsen and her kids, Jana and her oldest 2 kids plus Amelia, and my dad to try to hike the Y in Provo. I was warned that it was going to be hard. And yes, it really was!

Here we are getting all of our things together at the start of the hike

Braeden and Preston

Braeden sure loves Preston--it's so cute!

Teriesa, Braeden, and Maura
Nice view!

I think this is at turn 1. All along the path there are little signs that say turn 1, elevations 5000 feet, next turn at 0.21 miles. or something like that. Jana and I at this point were already deciding that this was going to be a lot harder than we had anticipated. She was carrying Amelia on her back the whole time!

My dad (took with my phone) Love the view behind!

Braeden, Preston and dad. Preston did GREAT for a 2 year old, but after a little bit he kept asking to be held...there was no way I was able to do it, but my dad and Tamsen took turns. They are amazing!

This is where Jana and I pooped out of the hike. Turn 4. Seriously, this hike is hard! Our plan is to do it again once the snow melts in the spring and hopefully get up to at least turn 5. :) We enjoyed resting here and visiting and watching other people go by.

Preston and Ashleigh went on ahead with Tamsen, my dad, and the other kids. They got some really cute pictures...
Maura and Preston

Tamsen holding Preston
Dad holding Preston
And holding Preston again...that little stinker!

Funny story--I guess on the way down Preston found a grasshopper. he started chasing it, but was holding everyone back. After a couple minutes my dad got tired of waiting. Went over, picked up the grasshopper and threw it over the edge and said "bye bye grasshopper" Preston was focused on the hike down after that. ha ha

here's Ash with the grasshopper

They all made it to the top of the Y. I was really impressed with all of the kids! As far as I know they never complained and made it to the top with out any problems.

After the hike we had a picnic at our cars. The bees were everywhere which was really annoying, but none of us got stung, so it was a successful outing and we all had lots of fun!