Friday, January 30, 2009

Interesting pics of Preston

My little man "reading" at breakfast

When he gets tired, he really gets tired and falls asleep anywhere!

I love that Preston still cuddles...My boys asleep together! SO CUTE!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

A funny video of Preston

Preston was really tired last night and fell asleep while sitting up on the couch. Nick took a little video of him... HaHaHa. He's such a little cutie! (Oh, and I actually downloaded the video the right direction, but it came out sideways again. ugh! Just turn your head to the left.)

The end of the video--this is how Preston sleeps ALL THE TIME!!! on his stomach with his butt in the air. what a cute little guy!
Nick and I were saying tonight that we need a "big brother" camera in our house that just follows the kids around...they do such funny things-Preston especially-and we miss it every time cause the second we take out the video camera he stops doing the funny thing. Oh-well!

Ashleigh's Jr Cheer Clinic

Ashleigh spent a couple hours each day last Saturday, Monday and Tuesday with the middle school cheerleaders at her school in a Cheerleading Clinic. Then we went on Tuesday night to watch her perform what she learned during half-time at her schools basketball game. Quite frankly, I think Ashleigh did SO good!!! I was really impressed with her confidence and strength and her ability to learn so quickly! (Especially considering she spent most of Saturday's practice crying by herself...she was a little scared/embarrassed)

I had to cut up the video in to 4 clips in order for it to download so you could see it. but that still took too long, so I just downloaded it to You Tube. Check it out.....

What do you think?!?! :-)

A happy day at Walgreens

I think I have figured out the secret to shopping at Walgreens....go/check out ONLY when a young girl is your cashier! Older women and/or all men seem to be more sticklers when it comes to following the rules. It really bugs me!

Today I was VERY lucky! A very young girl named Ashlyn was my cashier. It seemed like she was brand new and could pretty much careless about what I did or what I bought! It was great!

I did 3 different transactions, so I could get my 3 register rewards. They claim that only 1 register reward will print per transaction...I have no idea if that is true, so to avoid the frustration of not getting one when I am supposed to, I just separate my transactions.

Anywho.....The picture I took of my receipts is in order.
So, the first transaction I spent $0.96 and saved $8.79
The second transaction I spent $1.98 and saved $8.95
The third transaction, I spent $6.47 and saved $33.97

My total Out of pocket was $9.41 and I saved a total of $51.71
That's an 85% savings!!! :)

And here's a pic of everything I bought! :) 4 cereal, 4 puffs kleenex, 2 dove deodorant, 2 colgate toothpaste, 1 advil PM, 2 Excedrin, and 18 Hersheys chocolate bars. Based on my out of pocket total, I paid for the 2 excedrin and I got everything else for FREE! Lol!!! I love it!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Welcome Keely Shae Draper

This is Nick's cousin Lindsey only 5 days before she had her first baby....

On January 23, Keely Shae Draper arrived!
She's a tiny little girl (and SO beautiful!)
6lbs 11oz and was only 18 1/2" long!

Nick and I are just SO happy for Cody and Lindsey and can't wait to meet their new little baby!

Congratulations you guys!!! We love you!!!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Strangers in our house???

We switched the kids' rooms over the weekend and when we went to move Ashleigh's bed we found this coupon. That wouldn't necessarily be strange except for the fact that when we looked closely at it-it is from a Spokane WA Dominos. Can you see the expiration date???? It says it expires 9/30/93! 15 years ago! We were not married then, Ashleigh wasn't alive then, and Nick didn't even own that bed then! It's just way too weird! No one seems to know where it came from!!! I think we have strangers in our house!

Here are a few pics of the kids' new rooms.


Oh, we switched rooms for 2 reasons....Ashleigh has more stuff and Preston's room is bigger, plus, Ashleigh wanted we did. Nick and I always have the "need" to rearrange every year or so, so it worked out well for us to do this. Plus, it's the only way I feel like I have really deep cleaned cause we vacuum and wash all the baseboards and the walls and windows and doors, etc. It makes me feel a little cleaner. :-)

Target and cold storage

I went to Target today. I bought 9 Johnsons Buddies soaps for $0.99 each, I had 9 $1.00 off coupons (I made $0.09), plus 4 Ocean Spray 46oz Juices for $1.99 each. I had 4 Target store coupon for $1.00 off PLUS 4 $1.00 Manufacturer coupons (I made $0.04). So since my total would have been in the negative (The store can't pay me) I had to get a "filler" item. I bought a pack of gum. :) This was a VERY good shopping trip! Lol!

Spent $1.86
Saved $17.00
90% savings!

Our "tenant/cousin" has been out of town for the last few days so we took the opportunity to reorganize our cold storage and clean it out. It is REALLY clean and orderly now--which I LOVE!!!! I took some pictures of our stock pile of merchandise that I've bought in the last couple of months!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Another walgreens adventure

Today is the last day of this weeks sale items at Walgreens, so I went back for one last coupon score! I used the "Utah" website ( this time to figure out what else they have on sale this week that I have coupons for.

In the end I spent $53.55. I saved $98.53. That is a 65% savings!
I have enough Dayquil, Nyquil, and cold medicine to last us at least a few months. ;-)

Trying my coupons at grocery shopping

I invited Juli to go grocery shopping with me. I figured with both of us engrossed in our coupon binders, we could concentrate and get everything we need with minimal distractions. We both kind of did our own thing for the most part, but occasionally we would point out a savings to the other. We spend about 2 hours at the store--and had so much fun!
In the end, I think Juli did better than I did, but I am still happy with my outcome.....

My total was $259.81.
Then I entered my Albertsons preferred savings card phone number--cause I don't have a card anymore...and waited and waited and waited while my balance just went lower and lower
And finally, I handed the cashier my stack of coupons, and my balance went down even MORE!
In the end, my OOP (out of pocket) was only $128.80!!!
A 50% savings!

I couldn't bear to take everything out, line it all up and try to get a picture, so I just took one with everything I bought in the bags. Sorry!

He finally eats!

Ok, my son has a very strong sweet tooth. He would rather eat cookies, cake, pie, chips, candy, etc, than anything else. We have struggled to get him to eat healthy food for the last few months. He'll have breakfast and/or lunch--with out much of a problem, but he will literally refuse to eat dinner. We've let him get away with it until a few days ago. Nick and I finally decided to put the kibosh on it! He has gone to bed "hungry" 2 nights in a row--after refusing to eat dinner and throwing tantrums to have treats instead, we sent him to bed early with nothing to eat. Today, a break through!!! This morning he ate ALL his breakfast...and had seconds. He ate ALL his lunch and didn't even ask for a treat after. The only "bad" thing he had to eat was 4 Ritz crackers! Tonight, he refused to eat his dinner, however, after dinner was over and he realized that I was not going to give him any cake he started asking for dinner. I could literally see the light bulb turn on over his head--

"If I eat something good, I can have cake"
and he did...he ate something good for him so I gave him cake. Finally, he gets it!
Hey, it's a start! :-)

The Call Family Pictures

It all started with these two....

Then they had these 3 awesome kids...
I am especially partial to the one in the middle
My hubby and the love of my life!

The "original" Call family

Then these wonderful kids came along
The grand kids
Top-Ashleigh (6), Josiah (1 1/2), Jadon (3 1/2)
Bottom-Jennidee (8 mos), Preston (2), Emma (8 mos)

The whole Call Family (minus Josh)

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Sad Sad good-byes!

We had to say good-bye to Betsie, Jadon, Josiah, Jennidee, and Emma tonight. This was one of the hardest good-byes for me since we have NO idea when we will see them all again! It's been 2 years since we saw them last...and I expect it will be another 2 years before we see them again! :-( I can't even imagine missing so much of those sweet kids' lives! I HATE that they live in Tennessee. I will be praying extra hard that Josh can get a job closer to all of us here in Utah.....sigh.

Miss you guys!!! Love you!!!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Cute stuff

Lately, Preston has been obsessed with having his socks on. The second I take them off to give him a bath or to change him in to new socks he would freak out and yell--"gimme my sockies" and is totally happy once he has them on. He also totally LOVES to put on Ashleigh's shoes. This morning he put on Ashleigh's rain boots while he was still wearing his Spongebob PJ's. It was a total fashion feau paux--SO funny and so cute! My son is hilarious!

Like Father Like Son

A day in Salt Lake

We took family pictures in the morning and then took Trax from Sandy to Salt Lake. It's always interesting trying to get strollers up in to Trax, but we had a VERY nice "driver" who let us get on using the wheelchair access.

Isn't Quinn pretty!?!

We went to the Planetarium...a favorite for my kids!

Preston met a little girl was cute seeing him with her

We also went to the Children's museum next to temple square
In my defense--I did tell everyone to smile before I took the picture. SORRY!!!
(My hubby is HOT)

The kids all got dressed up as shepards and wisemen...and Ashleigh REALLY wanted to dress up as Mary. She looks so sweet and humble.

And then we went to the visitors center

On the train back home, I couldn't get the twins stroller on using the wheelchair access--there was already a wheelchair there, so I had to go around...the car where everyone else got on was full so I went to the next car back...Randy and Nick came to the resue and helped me get the double stroller on to trax and then we all rode back to Sandy together.

The boys sure look happy to be stuck with me and the twins, eh? ;-)
There were some funky people on Trax.
It was a really fun/busy day though!

Winter Wonderland

We were out driving the other morning and I noticed how BEAUTIFUL it was outside! There was a big frost overnight and just covered all the trees and bushes. I was in awe. I wish I had gotten more pictures!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

babysitting, etc

I was so excited to watch Betsie's kids last week! They are so cute and so much fun....I loved every minute of it!

Josiah, Ashleigh, Emma, and Jennidee

I gave the boys some cocoa...they LOVED that! Jadon spilled on his shirt, but Juli has some great stain remover so I got it out before mommy came home. ;-) Shhh...don't tell her! lol

Emma, Ashleigh and Jennidee

Emma and Jennidee

Emma and her podee....(the bottle)

My beautiful Ashleigh

Cheesy Preston and Jadon

After babysitting the kids played Wii...or pretended they were playing. Aren't they cute!?!

Betsie getting the girls ready for bed. Jennidee is in Betsie's hands and Emma in on the left

Ashleigh, Emma and Betsie