Saturday, February 27, 2010

Date night

I've been waiting for weeks for New Moon to make it to the Sticky Shoe theater so Tamsen and I could go see it again together. Yesterday I saw it was there, so we went last night--totally spur of the moment! ;-) But not a moment too soon, we both needed a break from life for a few hours!

We both got there early so we could get a prime seat, but found out the times online were wrong and they weren't showing the movie until much later. So we decided to go get Ice cream at Sub Zero. I've never been there before, but I am So glad we went! It was Yuuuuummmy and I will definitely go again!!
I love my cheesy sista! ;-)

We sat and ate our ice cream and visited until it was time for our movie. One of my favorite ways to spend my time is visiting with my sister. We always seem to have something to talk about so makes for great conversations! :)

Seeing a movie at the Sticky Shoe is always a fun experience! There was a small group of kids sitting across the aisle from us who were particularly noisy during the whole movie--laughing at all the parts they thought were corny, Woot-Wooting, and little convos like "see, I told you", "Wow, nice body", "here it comes", and "are you kidding me?", etc. It was hilarious to hear!

The Sticky Shoe is definitely not a theater you should go to if you want to really focus on the's a good theater to go to when you are seeing a movie for the 2nd or 3rd time. I Love going!!! :)

Tamsen had a guy sitting near her who obviously hadn't seen the movie cause he was very vocal when an exciting part came on "wow", "woah", "Oh my gosh", etc.

Hilarious!!! :) Such a fun night!

And what made it even better was on our way out Tam pointed out a guy who had a napkin stuck to the bottom of his shoe! We both started laughing and I became obsessed with taking a picture of it.....
it's blurry, sorry, but it was SO funny!!!!

I had a great night Tam!!! THANKS for a fun fun date! :) Love ya!

Friday, February 26, 2010


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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Preston funnies

Preston says the cutest things sometimes.... the other day Ashleigh went outside to play. Preston followed her to go play with her and as he was leaving I heard him yell "Ashleigh, I want to play with you, because I love you!" He says that to her when we drop her off at school in the morning... "Bye, Ashleigh. I love you!" and then after she is gone he'll say "I miss Ashleigh, I love her". It's just SO adorable! This boy can be SO sweet sometimes...when he wants to be....
Just look at this adorable picture! :) Preston is the only 3 year old who prefers to sleep on his Boppy pillow rather than a regular pillow.

Preston LOVES his trains....

We went to Nick's parents ward for church a couple weeks ago to hear Randy speak and this was Preston during the closing prayer. Lol. such a cutie! I was afraid that he would fall down.
Preston also has the most amazing memory! He has a couple books that he knows by heart, his favorite TV show is Team UmiZoomi and he knows all the songs in it. He also watches Thomas the train movies, and a movie called Team Geo Tracks and can recite all the lines in the WHOLE thing! This boy would be a great actor if he would perform in front of strangers. ;-) But, I think the best thing about him is how much he REALLY loves Ashleigh...he wants to spend time with her all the time and is sad when they are not together.

Moms and muffins

Every year at Ashleigh's school they host a little party called "Mom's and Muffins". They invite all the mom's to class and put on a little program. This year was so much fun! When I got to class I was escorted in by Ashleigh and sat in an assigned seat with a sign on it that Ash made herself. It was so cute!

Welcoming the mom's and escorting them to their seats
Ashleigh's teacher is in the black and purple top

When all the mom's arrived they showed a little video of John Lithgow telling one of his books "I Got Two Dogs". It was fun to hear all the kids singing along to the video! The book is really cute!!!
Ash is in the middle in the pink shirt

They put on a little presentation of things that "mom says..." each child had a speaking part. I was impressed with Ashleigh...she didn't look up, but she spoke loudly and clearly. I was just so glad that she didn't cry this time. She gets embarrassed and cries, but this time she didn' little girl is growing up! :)

Afterward each mom and child ate mini muffins, drank OJ, and read books together. Ash showed me around and introduced me to some of her friends. We both had so much fun. I love spending time with her...we don't get to spend enough 1-on-1 time together anymore, so I cherish any time we do get to spend together.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I made my very first peach pie today.

But then I forgot that Nick doesn't like peach pie....oh-well. Ash and I liked it.

And, it's the first time I have ever done a lattice top.

It turned out pretty well, I think. :-)

Saturday, February 20, 2010

First time EVER!!!

One of the blogs I follow had a French Bread recipe on it, and it didn't have very many ingredients so I figured I would try to make it. After finding out my yeast was dead, and borrowing some from my mom Call, I was all set! :) This is my first time EVER making bread! Ever! I don't think I have ever even helped anyone make bread. It was so much fun! :) I am definitely going to make more bread in the future. yipee!



Let it rise....

My fully-risen loaves ready to bake.
(ya, I didn't put on makeup today...blah)

When the timer went off I thought they were overcooked, but they weren't! It was so good! the outside was crispy, but not hard, and the inside had lots of small holes and was really soft. there wasn't a ton of flavor...I would have added more salt, but otherwise, I was really really happy with my loaves! :)

Ash taking a picture of herself...

Me (no makeup), Ash (pretending to be upset/sad), Preston (fell and hurt his cheek/eye...and doritos smeared on his mouth/cheek)
boy are we a sight for sore eyes!

we took the kids to the playground, but it was FREEZING!!! We only lasted about 5 min before we made the kids leave. We'll try again tomorrow if it's warmer. :) We made it up to them by playing about a dozen games of UNO. (or as we call it, ONE) lol.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I was feeling a little nostalgic today and thinking about my kids when they were babies. I gathered a bunch of pictures of just the two of them for the last 3 years....oh, how they've changed!!! I LOVE my kids!!!!! They are awesome and sweet and have the best personalities. I am so happy that I am their mom!!!

Ash-age 3 1/2, Preston- 1 day old

Ash--age 7, Preston--age 3 1/2