Saturday, March 27, 2010

My wonderful hubby plays the cello. I LOVE when he plays it. Over the summer there was a
song he listened to all the time and once day took out his cello and learned that part. He didn't
play it for me until 2 days ago. I Loved it!!! :) I love the way the cello sounds and hearing him
play almost always calms me and puts me in a good mood.

I am surprised by how little of the music you can hear and how much of the cello you can hear.

15 seconds in is where I think it gets good. :)
Part 1:

Part 2:

Have you ever heard of Apocalyptica?
That's the music he is playing to.

Check this and this out too....amazing!

Tamsen's Birthday

My mom got together with some on Tamsen's ward members and they planned a surprise party
for her. We all brought cakes and my mom set the church gym. I wasn't surprised at how many
people came from the ward to celebrate. My big sister is kind hearted, loveable, emapthetic,
caring, sweet, fun, happy, and one of my best friends. Everyone loves her! It was wonderful
seeing the turn out and knowing how many people love her as much as we do.

Our cake table
Todd's sister, Mindie

Dad, Sheridan, Nick
Waiting for Tam to get here....

Me and my honey!
Everyone wrote a note and/or a memory and it was compiled in a notebook
as a gift for Tamsen

Pictures of Tamsen


Ben, Mindie, Mom
Nick, Kevin, Dad, Nathan, Jana (due with baby #6 in a month or so)

Cooper, Preston, Nathan, Sheridan, Ethan

Teriesa, Maura, Ashleigh, Nathan

Preston and Cooper playing
Nick trying to discipline. lol.

Amelia, Preston with his legs on Cooper

Some ward members looking through the picture book of Tamsen with Todd

Cooper and Preston wrestling

Everyone waiting....

Amelia, Sheridan, Ethan, and Nathan
The cousins played SO well together!

Todd and Jana chatting

The cousins playing "Duck, Duck, Goose"

Yay, she finally made it!
"happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday to Tamsen
happy birthday to you!"

In line for cake. YUM!

Good turn out! :-)

After the party, us family members chatted for a bit while the kids played.

Techno-geeks. lol.

We of course put the kids to work cleaning the floors. They did a great job!

It was a fun party! Happy birthday, Tamsen! We love you!!!!! =-)

Monday, March 22, 2010


There was a little girl in Preston's tumbling class that looked so much like my niece Avery. It was
a little creepy (in a good way). the pic I snuck of her isn't a very good likeness of Avery, but it's all
I've got....what do you think???



Avery lookalike.....

Dads and doughnuts

On St. Patrick's day, all the dads were invited to Ashleigh's school for "Dad's and Doughnuts". The
kids put on a little program and they had Krispy Kreme doughnuts and milk. I was worried that
Nick wouldn't be able to get time off for it, but thankfully he has an awesome boss who let him
have the morning off. It's always so sad when we see kids with out their moms/dads there.... at
least send an uncle or grandpa or something. The kids love to "show off" their parent too. Nick
had a lot of fun and Ash just loved having her daddy there!

Ash waaaay in the back saying her part


After the performance the kids are supposed to read books to their dads

The book that Ash wrote for daddy

Ash and Nick


The kids made these STOP signs for their dads...when they show the dad's this sign it mean the
dad's need to stop and give the kids a hug/kiss and some attention. Cute idea!