Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Dating fun

If you have 3-d glasses, put them on when you look at the golfing pictures! :-) 

Nick took me on a date a few weeks ago (our first one in 6 months!!). I got the sitter (Emily, Thanks!) and he planned the date. We went to portland to this indoor mini golf place. It was florescent and dark and so cool! We got 3-D glasses to wear which totally made the experience more intense and "real". 

Nick beat me, but I think I did pretty good. After we went to dinner at a fantastic Thai restaurant. My favorite!!  I've been wishing for Thai food since we moved from Utah, but haven't gone and it's not really a favorite food of Nicks so I was completely caught off guard when he took me to eat there. So happy!!!


After dinner we walked over to Pioneer Courthouse Square and got some after dinner drinks at Starbucks and then sat and people-watched. We chatted and flirted and had such a great time! It was exactly what we both needed! Then we took the very long, scenic way back to Emily's to get the kids.


In No Particular Order...