Monday, March 15, 2010

#8 gone!

At the end of February, Ash finally lost her 8th tooth! (Top left) That darn tooth had been
hanging on for dear life for at least a few months!!! The adult tooth came in and decided to
grow in fully above the baby tooth--which meant that it didn't put pressure on the baby tooth
to fall out. So, it hung on...and on...and on....and on. Finally Ash bit down on it (loosening it)
and gathered some courage and let me pull it out. :-) Nick made a call to the Tooth Fairy's
secretary who made an appointment for the tooth fairy to come to our house that night. Ash
got 4 quarters and was VERY happy to have that tooth gone!!! (We are too!)

I love when Ash lets me do her hair. I curled it all and then later in the day put it in a ponytail.
It looked so pretty!!! She is such a beautiful girl!!!


Russ and Suzanne Ballard said...

Good job being so brave, Ash! That's awesome! Love you, G'ma

Tamsen said...

Wow. Gorgeous hair. M has #3&4 loose. She's way behind even Nathan & Bridget! :)