Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Labor Day Weekend

Friday last week was Nick's last day at US Bank. We were excited to have a 3 day weekend together--first time in MANY months! But Saturday Nick was feeling fatigued most of the day and ended up taking a 4+ hour nap! So, we didn't do anything "fun" on Saturday--but I got housework and laundry done, so it was a good day for me. Sunday was much of the same....Nick was feeling really tired again so we stayed home and didn't do much. We did see if Preston was ready to ride a 2-wheel bike, so nick took off his training wheels. NOPE, too soon. He's too short and he has NO clue how to balance. He likes to look behind him when he rides and when he does that with out his training wheels on, he falls right over. So, we put them back on. We'll try again next spring. Monday morning, however, I got all my errands done and then Juli and I went shooting about 15 miles south-west of our house. It took us a while to find a good place that was far away from civilization and that was up against a mountain. We finally found a good spot....the annoying thing was there were a TON of flies there that didn't seem to care if you swatted at them to go away. They would come right back, land on your clothes, your hair, your face, etc... grrr... There were also people riding ATV's all over so we had to wait til they were out of ear-shot before we could shoot our target. and they created so much dust when they drove by us. Those 2 things aside, it was SO much fun!!!

Juli spent the first little bit teaching me stuff that they teach at Front Sight--names of things, how to hold the guns so you are always safe, how to put the magazine in with out looking at it, etc. It was a lot of information and I was glad she taught me all of that. I did feel MUCH safer with the gun after I was educated.

We spent about 2 hours out there. I learned a LOT, I had SO much fun, and I definitely want to go and shoot some more!!!

When we got home, Nick and Randy went south of Saratoga Springs near Utah Lake to do some shooting. They had a little too much fun and actually started a fire out there!!! Randy called Juli with panic in his voice and she quickly came to them with a fire extinguisher. In the mean time, Randy and Nick were using their shirts, and anything else they could find to try to put out the flames. I hear it was pretty intense and adrenaline packed! They sure are crazy guys!!!

That evening we went to the Call's for a bbq dinner. Hamburgers and hot dogs, chips/salsa, potato salad, coleslaw, etc....and YUMMY Peach Lush for dessert!!! It's like heaven in your mouth! ;-) I got to take extra's home with me. yum!

In all, we had a great Labor Day.

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Tamsen said...

Scary about the fire! Glad Juli came to the rescue.

Isn't shooting fun? I still remember how fun it was the time Dad took me out shooting with his rifle. Pure power & fun. I think the boys would love it if Grandpa took them out, don't you?