Thursday, December 2, 2010


We, and my parents, were invited to have Thanksgiving dinner at Ryan and Sara's house this year. What a great time we had!!! Sara made a brined turkey and it was fabulous!!! We all loved it!!! THANK YOU, Petterson's for an amazing meal and great company! :-)

Sara, Tyce, Mom, Tage

Preston was a little shy at first, but thankfully, they have some great toys-including a train/track. Preston was his usual self after that.

Nick, dad, Meg

My handsome hubby...he looks annoyed, but he's not.

Dad, Sara, Mom

Nothing like watching football on Thanksgiving day! :-)
Ryan and Nick

Ashleigh upstairs

Dad carving the turkey(s)

Preston never eats, but he was happy to eat some apples

Ryan decided to nap before dinner.

The table all set
Mom, Teagan, Tyce

Yummy food!!!
Ryan, Meg, Teagan, Mom

Nick, Sara, Tage, Talon, Ryan


Meg and Ry

Nick, Meg, and Ryan

The boys doing the dishes... :-)

And Sara took a nap after dinner

The kids playing computer games
Ashleigh, Tage, and Talon

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