Tuesday, September 27, 2011

My kiddos

Ashleigh loves that she doesn't have to wear a uniform to school anymore. She's definitely pushed the limits on her style choices...sweats with a feminine tutu top, for example. This outfit was one of my more favorite outfits.

2 days after his birthday, Preston finally decided to try his ice cream cake. He ate the ice cream and left the cake.

Nick surprised us all and came home early from work. It was a really really great surprise.

Preston got a sticker and put it on his nipple.....

See... Strange kid.

Preston came running inside from playing and said "mom, I have to tell you something..." then he made this face and just froze. Seriously froze for over a minute. I finally grabbed my camera and took a picture. Then he laughed and ran off to play again. I love this kid!

When I came downstairs to get ready to leave for work and Preston had decided to make a bed on the floor and finish off the bag of circus animal cookies...nice breakfast.

I went over to visit my wonderful BFF Vanessa. Isn't she cute??!?! (blurry phone pic...sorry)

I got a cute pic of me and Liliana (Vanessa's daughter).

I got to watch Bridget, Avery, and Finley. I love how good they play together. I kept a close eye on Finley cause she likes to get in to pretty much everything. Distraction is key with her. I found one of Ashleigh's old lip gloss and Finley and I spent about 30 min playing with it. Amazing. She was SO cute and I really felt like she loved spending time with me. She'd also go over to Nick and say "dude" to get his attention. It was seriously so cute!!!

My adorable Preston posing with his water bottle. Lol. Man, I need to take more pictures of Ashleigh. :-)

I asked Nick if he'd get a couple slices of cheese...he came back with this!
What a wonderful husband I have!! I'm so lucky.
Cheese words. Now THAT is love! :-)


Patrick and Emily said...

I love the cheese I heart U. Sweet. Thanks for watching my kids! Sleepover Saturday with Ashleigh??

Tamsen said...

Awesome update. Love the pictures. I can't wait to see you guys!! Love you!

Russ and Suzanne Ballard said...

great update! Love the pics of Finley and Ashleigh. Thank you for posting - seriously helps my grandchild-homesickness. Love you.

Juli said...

I am a little jealous of the cheese thing. Wow. Good Job Nick. You are so cute with kids Megan. Love you.