Sunday, January 10, 2010

Preston invited his cousin Cooper over the other day to play trains with him. These boys are only 9 months apart in age, but Cooper seems so much more "mature" if that's possible for an almost 4 year old. ;-) They both LOVE (thomas) trains so much and they enjoy playing together so it's a good match when they are together. I didn't get any pictures of them playing with their trains, but here they are having a yogurt snack (no that soda is not theirs, it's an empty can from when Nick drank it) and that bell between them is for taking orders....they pretended that customers rang the bell and then they would take their order and get the food for the customer. It was hilarious and so cute! Preston was VERY sad when it was time to take Cooper home, but we'll definitely have him over again...and SOON! :) Love those little boys!

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