Saturday, August 21, 2010

2nd grade

On Wednesday Ashleigh started 2nd grade! We are so proud of her. She loves going to school and learning and does such a great job there! We requested Mrs. Diediker, but got Mrs. Johnson instead--and now I am SO glad that we did. Mrs Johnson is very nice, very personable, but also VERY no-nonsense and "drill Sargent" like. I LOVE that in a teacher--she doesn't let the kids get away with anything and follows through on discipline. She expects them to be on time each morning, with their homework completed, she wants them ready to work and expects them each to work really hard each and every day. She says that every day of school is important and the kids should be committed each day to doing their very best. This is exactly the type of teacher I wanted for her. :-)
The down side is both boys that Ashleigh has had crushes on are in her class this year.... Jace is her Kindergarten crush and Cole is her first grade crush. I need to keep my eye on that girl.
The upside too is that both her best friends from first grade are in her class this year too--Madi and Melody.
Everyday Ashleigh comes home telling me how much she loves school. I hope that lasts all year long. I am impressed with her this year too....she and I both have woken up before our alarms each day and she has been ready for school about 15 min early! It's been a really nice change from last year.
I am excited for this school year and I know she is too! :-)

First Day of Kindergarten

First Day of 1st Grade

First day of 2nd grade


Russ and Suzanne Ballard said...

great pics of Ash & Preston/friend. Hint: Ash could read the BofM for 5 of those minutes and make some significant progress. :-) Amazing how grown up she is looking! Love you. mom

Tamsen said...

She has sure grown during the past 2 years. Those K, 1, and 2 pictures are amazing!

I'm so glad she's liking school so much, and that she got a good teacher.