Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Amazing Race FHE

My parents set up a FHE edition of The Amazing Race. My siblings came, we met at my parents house, got in to teams (ours was Nick, Meg, Ashleigh, Preston and cousin Teriesa) After a few instructions, we were off....this was the MOST fun I have ever had doing FHE. The kids and I begged my mom to put more of these together for us to do in the future! We loved it!!!

The Amazing Race FHE

Driver – Your job is to drive legally and safely, be the non-partial judge, and take the video. You must NOT help with the directions – let the kids do the navigating using the map provided. You are the final “Judge” for many of the events. Please judge fairly. As a group decide who is the driver FIRST.

Coach – The other adult will be the coach who will supervise, make sure things are done kosher, help the kids with activities, and be their cheerleader. Coach may NOT do the roadblocks. Coach must always make sure ALL kids are seat belted in before telling the Driver “Go”. The Coach is the ONLY one in the car who can say “go”!

3 Kids – the 3 kids in each car are doing this race. This is not a “first one to the pit stop wins” type race. It’s a “let’s have fun and see the videos at the end with our family” type race.

Enclosed: A map for each car, 1 piece of paper, 1 pencil, and $1.10.

One you have read the rules and decided your driver, you may begin by opening the first clue.

FIRST CLUE: Find a clue to your first destination. It is hidden in plain sight in our home – one clue is hidden on each floor. Last one out of our door – please lock the door with key that is under the front mat!

SECOND CLUE: Go to 4023 Valderrama. All 5 members of the team must go to the door and ask for “Kate”. After Kate comes to the door, you must sing her a “fun family song” in order to get the next clue.

THIRD CLUE #1: Run to our neighborhood playground – 1 kid must go down the largest twirly slide 5 times in a row while the other two get on the little teeter totter and make it go constantly until the slider is finished. Once done the next clue is taped under the picnic tables. Do not open it until you are back in your car and seat belted in.

FOURTH CLUE: DETOUR – CANYON OR PEAK? (Do not open before you are sitting in your car and seat belted in. Then decide Canyon or Peak before opening enclosed envelope.)

CANYON: Go up American Fork Canyon to the toll booth – park on the right side of the road (do not pay a toll). Find the brown “self-serve recreation passes” sign near the toll booth. Count how many letter “A’s” are on the sign. Call G’ma on her cell phone (801-995-3001) to report the number & she will tell you where the next clue is located.

PEAK: Go to Lone Peak High School. Count the number of blue faculty parking spaces between the Seminary building and the school. (Do NOT count ones covered with dirt.) Call G’ma on her cell phone (801-995-3001) and report the number & she will tell you where the next clue is located.

FIFTH CLUE: ROADBLOCK – Who likes to get down and dirty? (Choose one person to do this task.)

Go to the covered tables by the Stake Center adjoining the Mt. Timp Temple parking lot. You will find hidden a bucket of water and some rags. Find 2 cars with dirty hubcaps and clean them really clean (8 total tires). When done to the satisfaction of the DRIVER, leave a handwritten note on the windshield of the cars you washed telling the car drivers what you did as a service for them. Return the bucket and rags to the hiding spot for the next person. Then only the same kid can go find the next clue, which is taped under one of the tables. IF you take the last clue taped under the covered tables after you are finished, please bring the bucket and rags to the pit stop with you.

SIXTH CLUE: FAST FORWARD – (ONE team may choose this clue at this location and may do the one thing necessary to go directly to the pit stop.)

Fast Forward – go to the 3 story playground. Find the hidden clue in the playground.


The coach and all 3 kids must climb to the top swinging chair and all 4 must sit on the swinging chair and swing and count outloud for 5 seconds (the driver standing in the parking lot should be able to hear you). When finished, find your final clue under one of the covered tables.


Please proceed directly to the Pit stop – the Boley’s home. First team to arrive gets first choice of reward.

SIXTH CLUE: SPEED BUMP (Two teams must do the speed bump while one team is doing a fast forward).

Speed Bump: Go to the ball park by the Cedar Hills Fire Station. Find the hidden ball and bat. The Coach must be the pitcher. Each kid must hit the ball and run around the bases. Once all 3 kids have done this, hide the bat and ball again in the same hidden spot (unless you are the last one to pick up the next clue – then bring it back to the pit stop.) Once finished to the satisfaction of the Driver, the next clue is hidden inside the bathroom.

SEVENTH CLUE: ROADBLOCK Who is REALLY hungry? (Choose only one person to do this task – it cannot be the same person who cleaned the hubcaps.)

Roadblock: Tell the driver how to drive to the McDonalds next to Wal-Mart. Use the money you got at the beginning of the race to buy ONE item from the Dollar menu. You may NOT use the drive-up window. When you have eaten it ALL (show empty mouth to driver), you may look for the last clue. It is hidden inside the McDonald’s outside garbage dumpster enclosure. Only the one person on the roadblock shall be the one to find the clue.


Please proceed directly to the Pit stop – the Boley’s home. First team to arrive gets first choice of reward.

Seriously, SO MUCH FUN!!!

At my sisters house after---enjoying snacks and watched the video tapes of our race. My mom stayed behind with Todd, Mia, and Tyler-since she wrote the clues she couldn't play. It was fun to show her what we did.


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Russ and Suzanne Ballard said...

I'm so glad you had fun! It was fun to make up also. Once my new job is over, we might try it again. Love you guys!