Sunday, May 29, 2011

A few things...

The problems with not posting in a while...I forget what I've posted about already.

At the risk of repeating myself, here is some pictures that I may or may not have already shown you.

We decided to have Nick cut Preston's hair at home. Preston prefers it buzzed and so do we.



After. :-) so cute!

Thanks to, we signed Ash up for 6 weeks of Gymnastics at VEGA (Vancouver Elite Gymnastics Academy) for only $29! :-) She LOVES it and I love being able to watch her. And, my old friend, Amanda, is her coach which is great too!

I'd been promising Preston since we moved here that we would take a ride on Max. Last Sunday with Nick home we all went on Max. We rode from Jantzen beach area down to Pioneer Courthouse Square. We got out and walked around a bit. There's always something happening in Portland. First we saw a couple of people with "Amazing Race" cards and a few minutes later we saw some people running up to them. It looked like it could be an audition for the show or something. I went up and asked them what was going on. They actually did a fund raiser at their kids' school and this was one of the it was parents doing a mock game of The Amazing Race. It looked pretty cool.

Sitting on the fountain area at Pioneer Square

And of course, can't be in Portland long before seeing some Cops. lol....Why can't people just stay out of trouble! ;-)

That Same night when we got home, we got the kids to bed and then Nick and I started to watch some of our DVR'd shows. I glanced out our back door and saw a raccoon on our back patio. They are SO cute!! There ended up being 2 of them and we watched them for quite a while. They were eating the slugs in our yard...a lot of them...We haven't seen the Racoons since, thankfully.

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