Thursday, July 7, 2011

Random pics...again

Picture of me and Preston while we watched Ashleigh do gymnastics.

The kids in line to get water from the fridge before bed.

Preston has a new trick...

Nick was showing the kids something on the computer. I think it was Angry Birds. Love Finley's smile. (cell phone pic...yup, my phone sucks!)

Yesterday the kids and I went to Burnt Bridge Creek Trail and went for a walk. It was SO hot outside, but this trail is completely covered with big tall trees. It was easily 15 degrees cooler on the trail. The trail is marked at every 1/4 mile which made it fun for the kids to look for the next marker. We probably would have walked farther, but the kids both wore flip-flops....and there were mosquitoes everywhere!!! We all got bit...a lot! but it was fun regardless.

As we were getting ready to leave we heard a train go by which made Preston freak out to go see it. So after getting some directional help from my mom, we made it to the Felida Moorage where there's a nice spot to park and wait for trains to come by. We only waited about 20 min before a train came. It was a short train and it was loud, but the conductor waved to us and it was really cool to be so close to a train. I remember fondly hitching rides on trains in Vancouver and riding them up to Woodland and having my friends come pick me up. Good times.

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