Sunday, July 31, 2011


On Friday after work I took the kids to the Amtrak train depot to watch trains. If you didn't know already, Preston is obsessed with trains!!! Ashleigh, thankfully, is a good sport and enjoys going on outings even if they don't pertain to her at all. :-)

I let the kids climb on and play around these tracks for a few minutes before seeing the No Trespassing sign. oops.

The kids waiting for the train to arrive.

Had to check out the inside of the train depot. I love the benches.

On our way out waiting for a train...

On Saturday we decided to go back to see the trains and bring daddy this time! Yay! Before we left Preston and I did a little Mario Kart race...he and I both suck equally so it was a fair race. :-)

The kids all ready to see the trains with their conductor hats on.

We saw 2 trains with in 5 min of being there! :-) Preston loves waving to the conductors.

Daddy educating Preston on the mechanics of a train.

Nick with Ashleigh cuddling before the next train arrived.

Preston waiting anxiously for the next train to arrive
Here it comes, yay! :-)

After the trains we headed over to the new Vancouver Library. They closed the one near Clark College and opened a 5 story library on the West side of the freeway off Mill Plain. One entire floor is dedicated to children/children's books. There is a TON of stuff there for kids to play with and see, etc. It was so much fun and air conditioned--which is always nice. The kids want to go back every day. ha ha. We won't be going daily, but we'll definitely try to make it weekly. We ended the day with milk shakes for the kids and pizzas. It was a great day!

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Tamsen said...

How awesome that you did this for Preston! Sounds like you are having a lot of fun with those kids this summer. Love you!