Sunday, August 14, 2011

Pictures of the last week or two...

Ash took a self portrait yesterday. I think this is a really good picture of her! :-)

Nick sent me some pictures while at work. I've been to see where he works a bunch of times and it still impresses me--all the machines and coils of metal, etc.

Ash loves the cake pops at Starbucks so I decided to see if I could make them...they are time consuming and I think I have a bit of arthritis plus carpal tunnel in my hands/wrists, cause they hurt SO bad by the time I was done. But they tasted really good and I think that's all that mattered. :-)

When I go to the Mooney's, Finley loves to get in my car and sit with the seat belt on. Ashleigh had her little play computer in the car this day, so Finley started playing with it. She's such a cutie!!

Nick and I went to a little party at one of his co-workers house the other weekend. (Thanks to Emily for keeping the kids overnight!) I just had to take some pictures of us together. :-)

Ashleigh is always painting or coloring, etc so we finally gave her a wall in our house to hang her art up. It always brings a smile to my face when I pass by it.

My pictures are out of order here, but you get the idea....
I made a fort for the kids to play in. They wanted to sleep in it, so I moved the fort upstairs and they slept there the whole night. :-)

Me and P-nut. He didn't want to smile for me, so this is what I got. Funny kid. Can't believe he'll be 5 years old in 1 month!!!


Russ and Suzanne Ballard said...

awesome pics! I am SO sad to not be around the kids frequently any longer.... Give them a BIG hug and kiss for me, OK? Love you.

Megan said...

I will! We miss you guys too!!!