Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Tams Visit & Liliana's birthday

Tamsen, Braeden, Ethan, and Maura came in to town for a visit. They stayed at Emily's so I didn't see them much, but I was so happy to have the time that I did with them.

On Thursday they came to watch Ashleigh's soccer class (Bridget came too) and you could tell Ashleigh was working so much harder trying to impress them. She did really great. After, we went to McDonalds to chat while the kids played in the play land.

On Saturday Emily, Tamsen and the kids came over to our house. We all visited for a bit and the kids played.
I love this picture of Nick and Maura. :-) These nieces all seem to adore their uncle Nick. I love it

On Sunday I took Ashleigh to Liliana's 4th birthday party (my best friend Vanessa's daughter). This was the first of Vanessa's birthday parties I've attended and I have never been so impressed by a party before! It was a fairy party and it was amazing!!!

Ashleigh was turned in to a fairy-getting face makeup, glitter in her hair, wings, and a wand.

My other Mama all dressed up like a Fairy already. She definitely looked the part.

And so did Adam and Vanessa :-) I love all their costumes. :-)

The entire house was transformed--this is the garage. I wish I took better pictures....

the other half of the garage

We got some pictures taken. :-) I love my Ashleigh!!!

And my Nessa :-)

The Birthday girl

The whole Wade family
Korbin, Adam, Liliana, and Vanessa

The food was SO yummy. My favorite were the mini lemon cookies and the broccoli/cheese soup.

The kids all got to do little crafts--decorating fairy (bird) houses--Ashleigh decorated 3 of them!!! And then she made Pixie Dust. She had so much fun and so did I. :-)

We were blocked in at that party, but once there was room we left and headed to Emily's house for dinner with the family. It was SO yummy and it was so much fun. We played oh-heck and visited and the kids played and we just enjoyed each other's company.

Unfortunately we had to say good-bye that night because with work and school I didn't think we'd be able to see them again before they went back to Utah on Tuesday. I'm glad we did because we didn't see them again. It was sad to say good-bye but I'm so glad they came to visit.

Before we left for the night Tamsen took a couple of family pictures. :-) I think they turned out pretty good!

Thanks Tam--love you and miss you already!!


Tamsen said...

I miss you guys too!! Thanks so much for making time for us. Love you!!

Russ and Suzanne Ballard said...

Thanks for the great posts! Awesome! Love, mom