Friday, December 26, 2008

Lets feed some horses

I have so many pictures right now that I need to blog about so I am backing up a bit...

2 or 3 weeks ago we decided to stop and feed some horses that are near our house. There are usually 6 horses, but that day there were only 2 and 1 of them was a big fat bully--as soon as the other one would come close to us, the bully would try to kick it, or push it out of the way. So sad...we were able to distract the bully and throw some carrots to the other one-which she got and ate with what I think was a huge smile on her face! :-)
Ash was very timid at first, but I taught her how to hold on really tight to the carrot and keep your fingers far away from the horses teeth. She never did feed one on her own, but she did have fun feeding it with me.

The spotted one is the bully--the brown one is the innocent one who got attacked!

Before feeling the horses Preston got in to the bag and started eating one of them. He's a funny kid.

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