Friday, December 5, 2008

Random Pictures

The other night we were watching TV. Preston got really interested in what we were watching. Its a rare day when he actually sits down to watch TV. What a funny kid.

Earlier, however, he was NOT a happy boy. He was having a hard time sleeping so we got him up with us...the key is, never to talk to him when he is in that kind of mood. He seems to get more and more grumpy.

Last night Preston was still having a hard time sleeping last night so we let him fall asleep in our bed. When we came up to bed later we found Preston like this--sleeping with one of his toys.

Ashleigh has been challenged by my parents to read the whole book of Mormon before she turns 8. At night we read together. I got this picture when we were all done reading. Preston has the funniest faces!

Today in school, Ashleigh got to meet some firemen, EMTs and Policemen. Isn't she such a cute little firegirl?


Patrick and Emily said...

Ashleigh's hat actually looks like an old-time stewardesses hat! Cute!

Reese said...

Love all your updates. Hey - can you email me your current address?? I think I have an old one...