Wednesday, December 10, 2008

More random posts

Preston has decided to make a bed for himself pretty much anywhere around the house. This night it happened to be on the family room floor. And laying in front of a movie is not complete with out a bunch of popcorn.

Funny story--Imagine it all in very slow motion cause that's how Preston did it---
He was riding his bike and suddenly stopped and said--oh no, I falling. ahhhh. oh-no. and then he fell over and pulled his bike down too. LOL. He is SO dramatic.

Our future Motocross that the right term? Preston stands on his bike and jumps all the time, it's funny...he is such a boy! I don't think that boy will ever stop moving--even if he does ever hurt himself.

Ashleigh has been so attached to Nick lately. She is REALLY happy that he is home and can spend every day with her. They actually had a daddy-daughter day yesterday where they cuddled on the couch and watched a princess movie and had McDonalds. It's been wonderful!!

Tonight I spent some time with Preston...and happened to get a cute picture of us together.


Tamsen said...

What a good daddy and mommy!

Juli said...

That makes me so happy that he is enjoying his bike. Love the pictures. Love the ones of Ash and Nick hugging. What sweet times. You guys are great. Will you be my mommy?

Patrick and Emily said...

I love the one of Preston "falling." Maybe he will be an actor someday!