Thursday, May 26, 2011

To the Ocean we go

The last time we were at the ocean, Preston was a teeny baby and Ash was almost 4 years old. Now, Preston's almost 5 and Ash is 8 and neither of them remembered seeing the ocean so we took a family road trip last weekend. We went to Tillamook first then headed up to Seaside to play on the beach and go to the aquarium, etc. It was a fun day but VERY cold...looking forward to going back in another month or so when its a bit warmer there. (beware: graphic picture at the end....)

The kids in the back all ready to go

The only "good" picture of the scenery on the way

It was rainy and cold but that wasn't going to stop us!

I let the kids pretend to drive in the parking lot (car was turned off)

Waiting for our food at Tillamook. YUM!

Love the smiley fries and Ashleigh's smile matches

The factory

Enjoying our ice cream

Preston wanted to know how to milk a cow...

My cute boy! :-)

After we got our squeaky cheese and some fudge we took off up the coast to Seaside. Preston kept asking where the "beach" was and didn't agree with me that the ocean is where the beach is...that it could have more than 1 name for it. It was a funny convo... The rain mostly stopped when we got to Seaside, but we still got a little wet from the spray off the ocean.

Daddy and Preston...bundled up, but not was COLD!!!

At the Aquarium seeing the sea lions (video of the Sea Lions feeding time at the end)

This octopus is 70 years old now!

Ash holding a hermit crab. We loved the hands on parts where we could touch each sea animal

and finally...the "beach"! :-) yay!!!

Nick got more coats for the kids...Ash had a shirt, 2 sweaters, and Nick's hoodie on. Preston had a shirt, a sweatshirt and his coat. it was still cold!!!

Nick was on a mission to find Ash a full Sand Dollar. He rolled up his pants and waded in to the ocean to find the one's not eaten by seagulls.

We didn't realize until later that he forgot to bring an extra pair of shoes...dang...cold wet feet the rest of the day! lame!!! But, he found the whole sand dollar! :-) What a great dad!!!

the kids LOVED playing in the sand

someone dug this huge hole...thankfully there's a lot of sand around it so you see the hole easily and no one fell in...

Preston decided it looked like a toilet and he pee'd in it. Sorry for the graphic pic! What a cute little tush. lol...


Tamsen said...

Nick looks great as a milkman! :) Fun trip!

Rachel said...

i love the ocean and am jealous that you went there!

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