Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Easter 2008

This was probably one of the best Easter's we've ever had! Mom and Dad Call did a great job planning all sorts of fun stuff to do with the kids and we REALLY loved seeing the one-on-one time that they spent with each of them! Thank you thank you thank you!!!

Ash woke up to the traditional "egg" trail from her bed to the prize at the end... (Strawberry shortcake stuff)

We have stairs now....that was fun. Preston kept trying to get ahead to eat them all! He LOVES candy!

Preston all dressed for Church...we went to Quinn's ward to hear her speak....she did a GREAT job!

Preston feeding Grandpa red grapes, after grape, after grape, after grape....he is such a good sport!

Quinny helping to make Sunday favorite-Ham, Funeral Potatoes, etc...YUM!

Preston lately will give me this face when I point the camera at funny and cute! What a ham!

And then there's the sweet face...

Quinn and Preston....

Grandma Call and Ashleigh making colored coconut for their easter bunnies they made.....

Cutting out the cakes to shape the bunnies....

I think Preston was perfectly happy to eat the table for dinner....he makes me laugh!

Nick just had to join in the fun and decided to make a bunny out of an orange and some rolls...pretty great job if you ask me!

Here they are working hard on their bunnies...

And the finished project...aren't they SO cute!!! What a fun time! Ash LOVED it!!!!

Time to hunt for eggs

Ash knew exactly what to do-we had to tell her to leave some for Preston to find because we knew she would get them all if we let her

Thankfully, Quinn and Richy helped Preston so he wouldn't be left behind!

But, Preston soon figured out that there was candy inside and I'll bet you can guess what happened next, he stopped to open all the one's he had to eat the candy out of them. It was so funny!

I call this the "Stetson Man" shot of Nick....

Then we painted eggs. Preston LOVED dropping them in and getting his fingers in it-only Grandpa would have let him do all that! It was really so much fun!

Nosey me, I just had to get some pictures of Quinn and Richy...I think they are dating, but who really knows for sure! My bet? They will be married in the future.....we'll see. (I hope so, I really like this guy for Quinn!)

And at the end of the Easter day, we caught Grandpa reading Ashleigh a story. What a fun day!!!


Anonymous said...

Ok, love the pictures, except of course the pregnant one of me. You could have told me not to wear that shirt. It was a fun Easter. Love you

Nick and Meg said...

That was just a bad angle...we all LOVED that shirt on you!!! :)