Friday, April 11, 2008

Some pictures of my house....

This is our front room/Living room.

Nick's TV set up in our family room

Ashleigh's room-we pretty much finished it last night-we still have a couple more things to do, but I'd say it's about 95% finished. :) Preston's room...well, we haven't even started it yet...ugh
Tinker bell theme...can you tell? I decided I didn't want to paint again, so we just got these little stick-ons from Home Depot. She got to choose where they went on her wall.

Of course, can't forget the Hannah Montana poster.

Our room....nothing much done in it yet, but our closets are organized, so that's good. We'll get it done eventually.

We bought a hutch before we left Vancouver and since I don't really have anything that other's would see as value to put in it yet, I decided to put the things that mean the most to me...The left is a painting of Christian and the one and only mold of his hand. On the right is the painting of Ashleigh and her hand and foot molds above her. The "believe" sign in the middle I got from my sister Tamsen for is a reminder for me....but that's all I'll say about that.

I still need to add Preston's items, but I don't have a painting of him yet, or a hand/foot's on the to do list...

Ashleigh's favorite thing to do every day is to go and get our mail. As you can see, she is a little nuts---outside in a dress after it snowed! (Yes, it snowed the middle of April-I LOVE IT!!!) I think she has shoes on, but I don't know for sure.

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