Monday, June 8, 2009

Carnival fun!

We had planned to go up to Hill Air force base for the Thunderbirds air show last Saturday, but there was a bad accident on the freeway and traffic was stopped, so we changed our plans and decided to stay in our little town for Pony Express Days. They had a parade in the morning (which we missed), a carnival, vendor booths, helicopter rides, and a concert featuring Darryl Worley and Josh Gracin! Pony express days last for about a week, but we only went on Saturday. It was SO MUCH FUN!!!!
We got our tickets, lost Preston, and went to .... wait, what? Lost preston?
Yup, we lost Preston...He took off as soon as I turned to buy the tickets, he was gone. Thankfully, we live in Utah--LOTS of mormon moms out caught a hold of him and was holding him only about 30 feet away from the ticket booth trying to distract him/keep him calm until either Nick or I found him. It's the second time I have ever had a heart attack after "losing" my kids since moving to about the first time here. After that little set back we were on our way again to ride some of the rides.

The kids rode the little train first....
Preston cried as soon as the ride was over...he wanted to ride it over and over again!

Then I took the kids on the carousel and Nick took lots of pictures! ;-)
Preston cried again when the ride was done. Lol....poor kid!

On to the next ride. I don't know what this one is called, but it goes around and around up and down in the circle and then goes in reverse. I am SO glad Ash and Preston were able to ride all these rides together!

We had to let Nick have some fun too....he tried his hand at throwing a ball in to a jar to win a fish...we came home empty handed!
We also let the kids throw darts at balloons and they each won a prize. Then we did a race track race thing....where you roll a ball in to a hole, and it moves your horse guy. anyway, my horse won! I got a small stuffed bear as a prize. Yay. We also got Cotton Candy...can't go to a carnival with out cotton candy! :-)

Our last ride we decided to go on as a family--the Berry Go Round. Wheeee.....
All of us inside the berry...didn't turn out well.
My second attempt at a family picture....hmmm.
After the rides we wandered through the vendor booths. Lots of people giving away free stuff. I got a bag/backpack after answering the question--What is dialasis? (Thank you Emily) We got balloons, water bottles, popcorn, toothpaste, dental floss, etc... It was exciting getting so much free stuff!

I thought this was cute--one vendor was a home builder. One of the house plans is called "PRESTON". Nice house! :)

The kids with their free balloons and popcorn.

That night we had every intention of going to a concert at our little amphitheater, but when we went by the line for tickets was wrapped around the block....and we thought it was free, but it wasn't! It was $15/ we decided to skip it. However, after the kids went to bed, Nick and I sat on our porch and listened to the music. The amphiteater is only 3 blocks away! We love it!
(these were taken about 3 hours before the concert started)

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Tamsen said...

I love the ball-through-the-hole-race-horse race! My favorite.

The Preston floor plan looks a lot like your house!