Monday, May 10, 2010

Mom's day

My mother's day was absolutely perfect! I was woken up by my kids saying (loudly) "Happy Mother's day, mom" and they had gifts in their arms. I got a bunch of cards, a hand print pot holder that Preston made at Preschool

A picture book Ashleigh made at school

And Scentsy from Nick! I've been wanting Scentsy for a number of years, but kept making excuses to not buy it. Nick went over and above for me--

I got a full size warmer

A plug in warmer

...and 6 scents!
I Love it!
I love how great my house smells all day!
Scentsy is awesome! :-)
I am a big fan!

Later in the day we went to my mom's house to visit. We had a great time there and the kids loved spending time with their grandparents!

Ash helping to tie a quilt

And then I helped too. We all finished it.
Nick even helped! ;-)
Funny picture coming....

Later, Preston was playing outside and said he had to pee.
We let him pee outside....
This picture constantly makes me laugh!!!

All in all, it was a great mother's day! I hope you all had a great mother's day too!


Annie Whitelaw said...

That picture of Preston is a riot! Be sure to keep that so you can use it in his senior high school yearbook.

Tamsen said...

You let him pee or Mom & Dad did (or both)? Wow. I'll have to tell my kids to watch their step back there, since they like to go shoeless :)