Sunday, May 16, 2010


I went to my nephew, Braeden's, soccer game last week. it's so fun to watch him play and spend time with my family! and he did a great job!!

Tamsen and I
Pretending we don't like each other. ;-)
Notice Preston upside down?

Maura and Ashleigh


Sheridan, Amelia and Kevin

Ashleigh and Amelia

Braeden's soccer team!
He's in the front row, 3rd one from the right :-)

My mom always has a quilt set up at her house so that whenever the grand kids come over they can help tie it and when it's all done, she takes it to this Family Support and Treatment Center in Orem. We were told that the blankets are great to have on hand for the children who need to spend the night there and some of them get scared. They get to choose any blanket they want to sleep with and keep and that helps them feel safe. It was a touching and emotional visit and I'm glad we could go with mom to donate something that may become very special and important to a little child!

After, we went to Savers--a store similar to D.I. and I bought Preston this firetruck. It's broken, so we can't hear any sirens and he can't move the ladder, but I actually prefer it that way! ;-)

Then mom treated the kids to ice cream at McDonalds. They sure love their ice cream! :) Thanks, mom! We had a really fun time!

On Saturday I went to see my nephew's (Sheridan and Nathan) soccer games. I also got to go see my newest nephew Tyler too! He's 5 days old in these pictures and SO cute!!! :) he's got the most perfectly round head! I love holding him. I love little babies!!!

Happy Mama, Jana, in the background. Doesn't she look great!!! It's wonderful how easy recovery is after having a baby with NO drugs!!! It's the best way to go! :-)

Jana's brother, Brett holding Tyler, and Tyler's big sister, Amelia (in pink) looking on. She's such a little mommy--such a great big sister!


Tamsen said...

Hey those soccer pictures look familiar. Thanks to Mom for taking them! Thanks again for coming to the soccer game! It means so much to us!

I can't wait to see Tyler again!

Russ and Suzanne Ballard said...

Those pics look familiar! Tee hee. Guess I shouldn't use them in my blogspot, eh? :-) Loved the time we had together. Love you. mom