Monday, May 24, 2010

More random pictures

Here are just a few more pictures from my phone and my camera.

There's not much new going on at our house, but here's an update anyway....

Nicks been working about 6 days a week for the last 3 months...and while he likes being an assistant manager at US Bank, he struggles with his bosses constant moodiness. She has lots of personal problems and definitely brings her problems to work with her and makes life miserable for her employees. I feel so bad for him and I'm trying to be supportive as possible, but there's not much I can do...I just hope she gets whatever problems she has in her life worked out and things can go back to normal for him. He's been relieving his stresses with golf, and hanging out with me and some other friends he's met through work. I'm so glad he has those outlets.

I've been lucky to be home with my kids for the last 6 months. It's been great being home, keeping house, taking care of the kids, cooking dinners, etc. School is almost out and I am probably the only mom I know who is not looking forward to it! I LOVE being a stay at home mom, but having both kids home all day every day makes me a little nuts sometimes....I think the lack of schedule is the problem. I am working on ways to rectify my nuttiness this year by creating a schedule that will make us all happier! :)

Preston plays outside a lot, and he finally has some friends on our street....Colton (almost 5), is more like a bully/boss than an actual friend, but preston LOVES playing with him. His household has 2 big dogs and Preston is VERY allergic to dogs, so he's not allowed to play inside Colton's house (which I prefer anyway). They have great play structures in their back yard and it's the place where most kids in the neighborhood go to play. Bentley (almost 5) and Lincoln (almost 3) live next door....Lincoln is a quiet sweet kid and he and Preston play well together. Bentley and Preston get along well together too, but they get in to trouble a lot and egg each other on to do naughty dip sticks in mud and write on daddy's car! VERY BAD!!! Or, taking Ashleigh's little shovel , or daddy's old license plates, and putting it down the storm drain grates in the road. Or, turning on the outside water hose and make a big muddy hole then jump in it. etc... It's frustrating... but honestly, Preston is a sweet loving kid and I LOVE being able to spend every day with him. He is still VERY picky about his food, but he has a few favorites so I try to keep our house stocked with the foods he likes and we have the deal that he has to eat something healthy before he eats something else. So far, it's working well. :-)

Ashleigh is nearly done with 1st grade! She has 3 more days of school and then she's free! She is also not excited that school is almost done. She LOVES school and that makes me so happy! She's grown and progressed so much this year and she is an awesome reader! When we drive around she will read me all the signs she see's. I just love it! She is such a social butterfly and has a ton of friends! Her best friends are Jasna (still), Hailie (still), Melody, Madi, and Cosette. Ashleigh is my constant ray of sunshine. She is always so obedient, happy, loving, kind, and honest. I am so in love with my sweet girl! I don't give her nearly enough love and attention, and I'm working on it....but she seems to soar and progress no matter what life throws at her.

Here are a few pictures:

Preston and Colton (in orange hat)

Nick and Randy Golfing in our back yard

Ashleigh at her school's Spanish Program
Anyone who knows Nick knows how much of a struggle it was to have him go to this, but it was important to Ashleigh, so we (I) went happily and supported her! They did start out with the Pledge of Allegiance, & the National Anthem. I LOVED that!

Another cute picture of my nephew Tyler! He's about 10 days old here. :)

We went to see my niece, Maura's, dance performance last Friday. She did such a great job! She was a frog and then a princess. I didn't get any picture though.... After the performance my siblings and I visited in the parking lot for a bit while they enjoyed some cookie bars I brought.

The next day we went to my niece, Teriesa's, dance performance. She also did a great job! I love living close enough where we can go and support them whether it be soccer, dance, music, etc...
After the performance--Ashleigh, Teriesa, and Nathan

This morning we woke up to a pleasant surprise--SNOW! :) It only ended up to be about 1/2"-1" of snow and it all melted by noon, but it was nice while it lasted.

Nick went to visit his parents last night...Juli got a picture of the boys bonding. :-) It's so nice having both our families so close by! We miss having Quinn around, but know she's have a good time in Vancouver!

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