Sunday, October 17, 2010

Gardner Village

Last Friday the kids and I went on a date with Juli to Gardner Village. It was all set up for Halloween and Fall. It was really pretty and there were tons of witches around. :-) We had so much fun together.

Ashleigh with an Emu behind her.

In the Western Store trying on a cute pink cowboy hat.

It's an out-house with a witch inside reading the paper...haha.

Ashleigh getting her face painted. She really loves Hearts right now....and the color pink.

Pretty, huh?

No, the fireman/witch is not peeing--he's holding a waterhose!!!

Three witches playing baseball.

Pretty elaborate set-ups. Very cool!

This witch is setting the world record for longest hoola-hooping.

We went to Sweet Aftons to get some YUMMY candy--jelly belly's and fudge, mainly. :-)

Pumpkin-chocolate chip fudge....holy cow it was GOOD!!!!

Preston's jelly belly loot.

Pretty cool pumpkin house. :-)

This Witch was riding her bike. lol...what happened to riding a broom?

We went in to this Christmas village shop. Anything and everything you could want as far as Christmas villages, and ornaments go, they have it! it was so cool!
Ok, I love these ornaments--they are fruits and on the picture to make it bigger. I love the pea-pod dragon flies on the right the most.

I got a few things for christmas for the kids. We had such a good time and really enjoyed spending time with Gma Call. :-)

This last Friday, the kids and I rode our bikes to Gma Call's to visit again...we got some BIG red and baker potatoes. We played Wahoo, we made Chocolate chip cookies, we chatted, and then we rode our bikes home. It was really another fun fun Friday night! :-)


Russ and Suzanne Ballard said...

Never heard of this place! where is it? Looks fun!

Nick and Meg said...

Gardner Village in midvale area---off 7800 S West of the freeway before you hit redwood. Come with us. We'll take you! I love it there...cute shops...hard to not spend money there!

Tamsen said...

I've always wanted to check out Gardner Village but never done it. Take me some time, too! :) Looks like a lot of fun!

Nick and Meg said...

YES...come with us too!!! :-) Lets plan it. Mom, Dad, Tam and kids, and us with kids It'll be so much fun!!!