Friday, October 29, 2010


Quinn and Jeff stopped in Utah for the weekend on their way from Vancouver to Austin Texas. It was so great seeing them and although we didn't get enough time together, we're excited to see them again at Christmas.

When they were leaving, Quinn's fish, Moby, fell off the back of the car and his fish tank broke. Quinn decided she couldn't take Moby with her to Texas with out a bowl, so she left him for us to take care of.

Preston, especially, LOVES Moby. He feeds Moby every day and talks to him and keeps him company. I've never been a big pet-fish lover, but they are good pets for kids, and frankly, Moby is pretty entertaining. He comes to the surface of his fish bowl when I come over and talk to him. We're happy to take care of him and are just pretty glad that he didn't die after such a traumatic fall!

And yes, we do have a bigger fish bowl for him, thanks to Mama Call. :-)

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