Friday, October 8, 2010

Playing catch-up


My new job--Daines Enterprises.  I am an administrative assistant working in the bookkeeping department.  I LOVE my job!!!  There is really nothing about it that I don't like.  :-)  Yay!

My boss....Lora....and part of our office

My PILE of paperwork.  I love my job! 

The joys of working 30 min away from home and taking the freeway I get to see many unusual things.  I saw this truck with a thing in the back that looked like man wrapped up/standing up in the back...freaky!  
 We went on a family bike ride.  The kids just LOVE it and so do Nick and I.  Click on the picture to make it bigger and check out Nick's calves!!!  wow!  ;-)

Preston's (adorable) friend, Natalia, came over to play with him.  I love when they play together.  Preston is so sweet when she's around and they get along so well!  She doesn't let him get away with any crap.  I hope these two get married someday.  She would be a welcomed member of our family! :-)  

I made them some Asparagus.  Natalia dips hers in lemon juice...I guess that's how her whole family does it, though I've never heard of Asparagus being eaten that way.  :-)

Preston's had his bike for only about 6 months and already he's worn one of the tires clear through so we had to replace it...  That boy rides his bikes like his daddy used to.  Like son! 

I went to Ashleigh's school to help out as a parent volunteer.  In her science class they were at the end of learning about gravity and as their final fun-project they all made paper airplanes and had contests flying them--which one's flew the farthest, and then which ones stayed in the air the longest.  It was so much fun helping out!  :-) 

Later he got so tired that he fell right to sleep on the couch in this most unusual position, though it didn't seem to bother him at all!  

My hubby is looking oh-so-sexy!!!  He's been working really hard at working out and eating better and it's been paying off for him!!!  In 3 weeks he lost 16 lbs!!!  He hit a bit of a stall this last week, but I assured him it's only temporary...his body let go of a lot of weight really fast and now it's holding on to make sure he's really serious.  Once he pushes past this stall, the weight will come off for him again at a more steady pace.  I am SO proud of him!!!  He looks AMAZING and SO sexy and he is SO much happier!  :-)  

With me working mornings/afternoons and Nick working afternoons/evenings, we don't see each other much, but he see's Ashleigh MUCH less!!!  On the weekends they really soak in the time together.  last weekend was so fun for the kids-- we all played Wahoo, then the kids tickled and wrestled with daddy and just ran around and played and then he took them up to bed and tucked them in.  He's such a great "weekend dad".  ;-)

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