Saturday, November 6, 2010

2 weeks...

Nick works at Ebay now. He had 6 weeks of training and then was offered a "promotion" of sorts to another department. He had to do 2 weeks of training in this new department, but it was during day-time hours, not swing shift like was previously doing. So, we had to get a sitter for Preston during the times that both Nick and I were at work. Thankfully, I have a WONDERFUL family who stepped up and was SO willing to help me out!!!

For both weeks on Mondays and Tuesdays my dad watched Preston.
On Wednesdays and Thursdays my sis-in-law Jana watched him.
Last Friday my mom-in-law watched him and this last Friday (yesterday) I took the day off work since it was Ashleigh's birthday.

These are some pictures Juli took when she had Preston for the morning. :-)

We were blessed with some beautiful weather so Preston got to play outside a lot on his daily dates with the different family members.
I feel extremely blessed and grateful to our families for helping us out!!!
The 2 weeks is finally over so starting this next week, things will go back to "normal" for us. pfew! :-)

Last Sunday we went on a family drive up to Salt Lake to-just above-the capital building and parked the car and looked out at the beautiful lights below. The kids fell asleep on the way there and there were a lot of kids out trick or treating so we didn't stay, but it was nice to get out and take a nice drive together.
sleeping in the back seat

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