Saturday, November 6, 2010

40 years together

On October 23, my parents celebrated their 40th anniversary! We had a mini-family reunion to celebrate. Emily and her family couldn't come, understandably, from WA, but the rest of us siblings were able to go.

We met at my parents church building. We all brought (YUMMY) food to share. We ate and visited for a while....

Preston was wishing for some cake...but he refused to eat any dinner, so I wouldn't let him have any cake....

After dinner, we had some family pictures taken. The first picture was the winning picture.

Then, since we weren't there the first time my parents cut their wedding cake....

We had them "recreate" it. :-)

And they decided to shove the cake in each others

Mom and dad took pictures with each of their grandchildren one by one. Here are my kiddos with them.

Then I got some pictures of me and my hubby.

My awesome sister, Tamsen, put together a bunch of "Minute-to-win-it" type games for the kids to play. SO much fun!!!
The first was who could empty their box of kleenex first...

Then they did a shoe toss--who could kick a shoe off their foot and get it to land and stay on the table first...

One of the shoes made it clear up there, so Ryan used Ashleigh to help him get it down.

Then they did a sorting game--the kids got bags of skittles and some cups. They needed to separate skittles by color in to the cups. Who ever finished first, won.

Preston won. :-)

Next they did a game with spaghetti noodles and Penne noodles. They took the spaghetti noodle by holding it in their mouth-only-no hands-they needed to get 3 penne noodles on their spaghetti noodles. I think the Petterson boys won....Tyce and Talon

Cousin's sharing secrets...

Preston wanted to try it too. :-)

Then they did a game where you roll a ball across the floor and try to knock down both of your was fun trying to get them to stand up...some had uneven bottoms.

Cooper was sad cause that game was only really for the bigger kids to play, so Preston went and comforted him, and then Kevin took Preston and Cooper to another area of the gym so they could play that game too. :-)

The last game was trying to get a cookie from your forehead-in to your mouth, with out using your hands. Here's Ash and Maura working on it. :-)

At the end of the night we looked thru my mom's album of when they were married and the first year or so of their life together. There were pictures in there that I had never seen before. It was great to see my parents back then. :-)

Then everyone cleaned up and Braeden got a piece of cake stuck on the side of the trash can. lol.
It was a fun fun fun night. We all had a blast!!! I think it was a great 40th anniversary party and one that I hope to duplicate when Nick and I celebrate our 40th. :-)

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Annie Whitelaw said...

Great pictures! Looks like you all had a wonderful time at the party. I love the game ideas that Tamsen had the family do, gave me some great ideas for the next time the Whitelaw gang gets together.