Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Gingerbread Houses

Nick and Ashleigh did gingerbread houses the other day. I wasn't able to participate as I was making dinner and taking care of Preston...but I did get some cute pictures.

Here's Nick helping ash assemble it. Poor roof didn't have a chance...the darn roof kept falling off no matter how long he held it in place or how much or little frosting he used. frustrating.
Here is Preston-he was grumpy that night....but he did learn the word for candy and kept SHOUTING it at us, until he was able to get some...his favorite are the little gummy ones. I think he is chewing on one in this picture...

Cute Ashleigh again...she loves the camera...and helping her daddy do pretty much anything! :) (See, he's holding the roof on...darn thing!)

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