Thursday, December 6, 2007

Never leave your child alone with a razor...

I had to go to the dentist today to get a filling. When we got home, Ash said she had to go potty. She was gone for a while, but that happens, so I didn't think anything of it...when she came back she was crying and said that her eyebrow had fallen off all by itself! HA HAHAHAHAHA.....well, of course I know that's not true, so I pushed her more gently-told her I wouldn't be mad at her if she cut them herself. She kept insisting that she did NOT cut them. Then I remembered that my razor was in I asked if she used the razor to shave them...she said no repeatedly. I reminded her that I won't be mad at her if she did, but I just want her to tell me the truth...she finally gave me a hug and said-"I guess maybe I did use the razor on my eyebrows. Do I look scary now?!?" I told her I wasn't mad, but relieved that she didn't cut herself! I explained how dangerous razors can be and made her promise not to use it again until she is older and I can show her how to use it correctly....poor kid was so distraught and told me that she was scared of telling me the truth! I feel sick-I NEVER want my children to be scared to tell me anything!!! We had a long talk about it all and I think we're doing ok now. I've retrieved my razor and am hoping we won't have any more incidents like this in the future. For those of you in town-when you see her-please don't make a big deal about it-she is very sensitive! Thanks!

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