Sunday, December 16, 2007

Red meat-SICK!

We went out to Rodizio Grill in Salt Lake on Friday night with Corey and Laurie (Ashleigh and Conner are not in the picture but were there!). It's an amazing place-You are given this wood thing that has an hour glass shape. One side is green the other is red. When you put the green side up on your table you suddenly become swarmed with servers who are offering all sorts of meats! From beef to chicken to turkey-plus some chicken hearts-and some grilled pineapple-YUM! You switch to the red side when you need a break for a few minutes. It was so much fun and although it's pretty expensive, it's-in our opinion-a necessary place to go at least once! I hope we go back many times!

Personally, I don't like red meat-especially when I can see ANY red in it. Nick on the other hand LOVES red meat...until he got this piece...the server did tell him it was really rare, but seriously, this is too rare for anyone to eat! Makes me sick just looking at it!


Josh n Betsie said...

That is kind of nasty. I wouldn't touch it. It looks like it just came off the cow.It really makes me miss you all and wish we were there to go play with you guys. NO FAIR!

arah said...

oh, Matt would eat it, but YUCK! I prefer chicken.

Laur said...

oh gross but you have to admit that it was some of the best food you have had in a long time minus that piece of meat.
Thanks for adding that cute video of conner i had no clue you took that...i am trying to figure out how i can steal it :)
so guess what you have coreys and my song on your blog (little moments by brad paisly)